Friday, 12 July 2013

Disney Inspired Fashion Sketches Wave 2

And the posts inspired by Disney continues!
This time, i'm going to show you three Fashion sketches inspired by one classical Disney movie:

And so you ask, how come Cinderella gets a special treatment of three looks?
Well, it's simply because, even though Sleeping Beauty is my favorite, the movie Cinderella still has the most memorable and classical story line of them all. Plus, she featured the greatest number of costumes compared to other princesses in their respective movies; so I figured she should also have the most designs from me too.

In the movie, Cinderella is shown in 6 different costumes: her nightgown, her maid costume, the pink dress, the ruined pink dress, the bluish white gown and her wedding gown.
 From these, I decided to get three looks and use them as my inspirations for my designs.

The first costume that served as my inspiration is the one made by Cinderella's critter friends for her.
I remember back when I was a kid, I always insist that dress looks so much better than her signature one; but enough about that, let's move on to my design:

Using the pink dress as my inspiration, I was able to come up with another pink dress. This time, I made it more modern and sassier. I was able to do this by making the dress short and adding fun elements to it like sequins and frills. 

(Sorry for the random emo quote, haha)
For the second  look, I once again used the pink dress as my inspiration; but this time it was already in its bad condition as made by Cinderella's step sisters,
and this is what I came up with:

Okay, maybe she looks more like Lady GaGa than Cinderella, LOL; but anyway
for this look, I was able to channel my grungy style.
Since Cinderella's dress is ripped, I decided to recreate this look by ripping a white sweater in random ways.
This way, I was able to make a design that is not literally Cinderella but still inspired by her.

And of course, I can't afford to forget her signature gown.

And this is my version of it.
As you can see, I removed the poofiness of the dress, this is because I decided to make it look sexier and more seductive.
This way Cinderella will be sure that her prince will always stay by her side. ;-)
Aside from revising the dress, I also edited her glass slippers.
I made 'em into glass stripper heels, for a more modern vibe.

So once again, here are the three looks I made for Cinderella:

Which one is your fave?

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