Saturday, 6 July 2013

Leather Day

Last Wednesday,
it was rainy in Metro Manila.
This surprised me for the weather throughout the first part of the week is actually really sunny, but I guess I shouldn't be expecting anything at all especially during this month and the next ones to follow.

So anyway, i'm not really saying that the rain is a bad thing, in fact I actually got excited to dress up for that day 'cuz the chilly weather can serve as an excuse for me to rock some leather; and boy, leather is my fave fabric! 
(Jacket from Muradito, Top - DIY, Pants from Harman Jeans, Shoes from Caterpillar)

This leather jacket is one of my favorite staples. 
I love how the sleeves are made from a different material, giving it a design that is really thought through and masculine at the same time.
I love how it looks like one of those jackets that an action star from a movie could actually wear.
Another thing that is interesting about this one is that it has a detachable hoodie, so you can style it your way. :)

The top that i'm wearing underneath the jacket literally came from my brother's closet. It is one of his forgotten clothes that I stole and decided to alter and wear again.
I like this top for it has a unique color and that military vibe that I've been obsessing of lately.

(Bag from Muradito)
And of course, I can't go to school without a bag.
And since my top is military inspired, I decided to carry my camo bag along with me. :)

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