Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fashion Patriot

Almost all pattern trends come and go, but there is only one pattern that is worn at all times in any season specifically by those people who protect the country and are considered to be modern heroes.
That's right, i'm talking about the Camouflage pattern:

This was originally made for the soldiers to be able to adopt to their environment as a strategy to win wars.
And now, this pattern is not just being used by the soldiers alone, but also us; the Fashion enthusiasts.

(Top from MURADITO, Pants from Mogao, shoes from Caterpillar)

I, myself am a big fan of the Camo print. For it has this energetic and youthful vibe.
This top in particular is extra energetic and youthful because of the studs that are sewn on its edges. 

(Eyewear from Oakley)
And for my eye wear, I decided to go for something bold and futuristic.
This one is one of my faves from Oakley. It is called "Juliet." I like it for it is made from lightweight materials and high quality lenses making it comfty when worn while still being flashy and dramatic.

To end this post, I would like to give a salute of appreciation to those soldiers who are patriotic enough to risk their lives for their country.

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