Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fashion Sketches - Here's to Never Growing Up

"They say just grow up, but they don't know us
we don't give a f***"

Earlier this month, Avril Lavigne made a comeback in the music industry with the single "Here's to Never Growing Up." Ever since its release date, I've been listening to this song non stop and it even inspired me to do some Fashion sketches..

I managed to do 3 looks for this song:
The first two looks that I want to talk about is inspired mainly of the emotion the song gives me. It has this really good tune and message which advice people to be carefree, have fun and live for the moment.
And I think I was able to capture that message with these looks for I was able to combine a lot of elements like neon colors, fishnets, denim, leather etc. 

The look on the left is a bit too sexy, but I like it. Especially the bib-like fishnet top that I designed. I think that made the outfit really playful and interesting.

For the second look, I decided to draw a vest and a skirt that're entirely made from leather. This is because Avril Lavigne has the "Punk Princess" image and I think leather is always associated with punk. To make these two elements more interesting, I added some zipper details.

And here's the 3rd and final look:
This look is my favorite among the three. Maybe because it's a little bit different from what I've been doing lately: It's a dressier choice compared to the others.

Another thing that is often associated with Punk is fishnets. So I tried to use this element and make it somehow classy. I paired the fishnets with light blue painted leather cutouts to make it more futurisstic and exciting.

Back view:

And that's all for this post :)
Thanks for reading.