Sunday, 11 August 2013

Messing Up with CoCo

From lookbook users to celebrities, we often see one particular trend that features luxury, humor and being trashy all in one.
 I'm talking about the trend which revises established luxury brand names into something funny and grungy. Like for example: Chanel becomes Channel Zero, Givenchy becomes giRAUNCHY, Prada will be pRADa; and a whole lot more.

And just recently, I managed to do my take on this trend:
- Being invited to a Fashion event, I always see to it that i'll be true to myself and to my style. That is why, I went for this number which excludes a very grungy vibe.

For my top, I layered two bad ass elements. 
One is a trendy muscle tee which features the word F*ck and incorporates the iconic Chanel logo in replacement of the letter C. To make it look more interesting and well-designed, I also wore a hoodie made from mesh.

I'm extremely in love with this hoodie, basically because with it; I can transform any simple outfit and give it some edge. It also reminds me of what Miley Cyrus wore on the Met Gala last year:

Another element in this outfit that I love, is my bonnet:
Following the trend that I made mention earlier,
This headgear, features the words Channel Zero.
I believe this is another way to mention the brand Chanel and mix it with quirk and grunge.

All in all, I really love this outfit.
It's one of those that I feel extremely confident in for it has Raf Juane written all over it <3
How about you?
If you like this one too, hype it on lookbook and tell me your thoughts in the comment section :)

Outfit Details:
Bonnet from Androgyne Manila 
Mesh hoodie from Androgyne Manila
Muscle tee from Androgyne Manila
Harem Pants from Divisoria
Boots from 21 Men


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  2. Awesome pieces! Love the channel))

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  4. You really have great blog! Cool outfit ;)

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  6. I also think that this trend is awesome!! I love your top ;>>

  7. This is awesome! I love the Chanel shirt. I must admit though, years ago before I was familiar with the proper pronunciation of luxury brands, I did stupidly call Chanel "Channel". haha. Thanks for sharing these


    1. OhmyGod! same happened to me. haha :D Well at least we know how to pronounce it now :D haha
      and thanks <3

  8. i like this! it's so cunning and cute!

  9. Cool idea, love the sports luxe take on the outfit!
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  10. You look so cool and stylish! Interesting outfit!

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