Sunday, 10 February 2013


Welcome to another outfit post, and for this i'm going to share w/ you my look last Thursday; February 7, 2013.

First lemme tell you a bit about my academic schedule: Every Thursdays I stay at school from 8am to 6pm to attend 3 classes that are distributed in different campuses and require me to walk under the heat of the sun 3 freaking times. So it is understandable that every Thursdays, I choose to wear clothes that are comfortable yet stylish (of course) at the same time. And lat Thursday, I came up with this:

(sweater - Obey, Pants - Harman jeans, Boots - Forever 21, shades - Rayban)

My favorite piece from this outfit of mine is the sweater, because it is dope and extremely comfortable. And even though I live in a tropical country, I still wear these type of clothes, cuz they protect my skin from UV rays while walking on the streets especially when I forgot to put on sunscreen :D 

And here are some more feelingero model poses from me: 

 (Kpop vibe)

That's it,
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ps. I just had my birthday last Friday, and will post about it soon :D 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mr. Hefner

"Wake up in the morning, feeling like Hugh Hefner"

February 5, 2013 is the day me and my friends decided to match outfits. We all agreed to wear a certain element that would suggest other people that we are all very close and intact. This element is: Animal Print

When we first talked about our plan or "peg," I immediately thought about my gray leopard print pants. These pants look best when cuffed at the bottom, giving it a very relaxed yet sexy look. (Wit wew)

With all these given associations, I took Hugh Hefner a.k.a. Mr. Playboy, himself as my inspiration for this look; because he is effortlessly sexy. :D

Here, you can see a photo of Hugh Hefner and his signature clothing pieces: Smoking Jacket, Straight cut pants and Loafers

And this is my version of Hef's signature look:

As you can see, I was able to channel Hef by wearing my over sized cardigan, relaxed jeans and loafers; however I also incorporated some patterns, spikes and studs to make it edgier and more of my own.

(Me, doing the Dani pose. Hey Dani! haha)

For this outfit, I also worn a shirt underneath the cardigan featuring a girl who can be associated to Hef's claim to fame; The Playboy Magazine.

(I know, these are deadly.)
(Cardigan from Forever 21, Shirt from Peanut Butter and Jerry, Pants from Forever 21, Shoes from MuraDito, Bag from MuraDito, Rosary from Rebel Gear, Vintage watch from my grandpa, Cross ring from Divisoria)

Felt like a pimp w/ my girls throughout the whole day :D
Will introduce them to you soon :)

That's all for this post,
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Free as My Hair: My 2012 Hair Journey

"I've had enough, this is my prayer
That i'll die livin' just as free as my hair."

2012 had been a really good year to me. This was when I graduated from High school and started to take the first steps towards achieving my dreams. This year also taught me a lot of life lessons, like how to be confident, independent, and to choose people to hang out with. But aside from all these inward transformations, the year 2012 also transformed me physically through my hair.

January 2012

The year 2012 started with me looking like this. There was only a few months left in High school and I am literally the stereotypical fresh-faced shy guy from a Christian school. I was contented with having just a  small circle of friends back then, because I was too afraid to approach other people and give them a piece of my mind.

February 2012

But despite of being shy, I also have the urge to express myself; just not in words.

During my birthday month last year, I decided to dye my hair brown to separate myself from all the blackheads in school. And it totes worked, however; school officials are enforcing me to dye my hair black again because colored hair is prohibited there.... but I didn't. ;D and I was able to graduate without doing what they asked me too :P I felt so bad ass... haha

March - July 2012 (Graduation - 1st term of college)
And speaking of being bad ass, by the time of my graduation; I decided to be platinum blonde and keep it as long as I can since i'm going to go to an art school where every hair color/style is allowed (sounds like heaven, huh?)

I did major research and learned that I could only lighten my hair color to a nice shade of  blonde (I originally wanted Christina Aguilera's haha) by using hair bleach a.k.a. the most damaging hair chemical everrrr. But since I really wanted to be bold and extremely unique, I took the chance and bleached my own hair. 


(Okay, I understand you if you're laughing right now. :-/)
After bleaching my hair for the 1st time, it turned dark orange. I hated it, it looks cheap. :(
I then researched more and found out that attaining orange hair is normal for people who are trying to go blonde, and it is advisable for me to re-bleach again and again, until I reach my desired blonde.

And that's exactly what I did, I bleached my hair for over 4 damn times!

(Hello College :) Me & my blockmates)
I was a blondie!
For the first time in my life, I felt so confident. I was able to approach others and make new friends :D
I also became extremely memorable to my new professors because of my hair :D LOL

While I was loving my hair, the natural processes in life doesn't seem to feel the same way. I noticed that my hair seems to rapidly growing resulting in dark unsightly roots, aside from this my blonde hair also gets yellowish because of the chlorine from my bathing water.

Despite of all these hair problems, I still maintained my hair; by getting my roots bleached out every month. It was a pain in the (you know where)!!
I also found a solution to cancel out the yellowish tones: Purple Shampoo!

And I was able to maintain it :D

The bleaching and the purple shampoo that I've been using back then, really did helped my hair. I was able to achieve the platinum shade that i've been craving for...
But i'm the kind of guy who doesn't settle for anything. Even though I attract a lot of people and get many compliments from them, I still changed my look out of boredom.
I dyed my hair GREY:

(yeah, I often photograph myself in the car. Kinda like a hobby)

The grey hair, I think is one of my best looks: hair-wise. I'm convinced that it is cool, bold, unique and it suits me very well. The downside for the grey hair though, is that it fades easily if you wash it often. And if you live here in the Philippines, you will understand why I cannot not wash my hair. It is just so hot in here.

And because of my constant hair-washing, my grey hair faded into blonde again:

I then stayed with this hair until the end of 1st term. (I don't know what to do by then)

August - December (2nd term - Christmas Break)
The end of 1st term left me with blonde hair, and I already mentioned how hard it is to keep this kind of color: so I decided to once again get a new look for the new term. :)

yeah, I shaved my head Miley-style, and dyed it brown as well:

I looked less quirky and more gwapo na! :D hehe
For this term, I finally gave my hair a break and focused on studies instead. I have to make thy momma proud! :D

As the months went by, my hair grew longer and longer:
(Kawaii Wannabe)

(Modeled for my group's very own accessory line)

(I rocked Christmas eve!)

January - Present 2013 (3rd term)
As my brown hair grew longer, I noticed that it gives an illusion of me having fat cheeks (like extremely fat cheeks.)
And I also hated the fact that my hair takes more or less half an hour to be fixed, and with all of the processes my hair went through: it is understandable that it is a li'l bit damaged.

To finally end this post, I ended up going back to the beginning. I chopped all the un-virgin hair off and kept all the black roots.


That's it, the story of my hair for the year of 2012 :)
So to conclude, I've learned that I like to take pictures of myself a lot. I really am vain :(
I also knew that I am a big fan of change. 
We only have 1 life here on earth so we should live to the fullest. Try every single hairstyle! It's just hair :) It'll also grow. God gave it to you, for you to play with it :D

Thanks for reading :)