Saturday, 10 August 2013

Forever 21 Fashion & Music Fest

Last Thursday (August 08, 2013,) me and my friends attended the "Forever 21 Fashion & Music Fest" in celebration of the brand's 3rd year anniversary in the Philippines. It happened in Hyve W Global Center, Bonifacio Global city.

Forever 21 is one of those brands that we all mutually adore, that is why we are all stoked to attend this event. From the Fashion show to the hip music that'll be played, we are pretty darn sure that this'll be a party to remember.

And boy, we are so darn right!

Arriving in the party, this is the stage that welcomed us.
Those platforms are heaps attractive, and it also serves a purpose of showcasing Forever 21 fashions in which I will show you later.

For now, lemme introduce you to these beauties who came with me.
From left to right, we have Elaine Bautista, Corine Sibug, Julianne Soriano and Ysa Mendoza.

In there, we also met with one of our closest and prettiest friend: Dani Barretto accompanied by her boyfriend Mikyle(Who won a Best Dressed award that night, congrats again!)

Speaking of best dressed, here are the fashions that are featured that night:
The first collection was entitled: "Back to Grunge"
My heart was really into this collection for it included all of my favorite elements like camouflage, plaid, denim and leather. My friend, Corine also noticed how the collection resembles that of my taste saying "Raf, dedicated yata for you yung collection na to." 

(I swear, these models are too attractive to be humans. More like angels or living dolls)
The next collection was called "Mod Street Style."
This one is very likable for it featured clothes that're black and white in which people are going to find easy to mix and match. I also love how they layered the pieces and still made it look appropriate for out tropical country.

Lastly, we have the "Comic Boom" collection. 
It is a big bowl of colors and vintage-y quirkiness.

All in all, i'm loving the directions of style Forever 21 is going to. I can really envision myself wearing a couple of garments from each of the three featured collections.

But aside from the overwhelming Fashion show, 
there was also another part of the program in which we enjoyed the most; and it was the announcement of the "Best Dressed Group."
At first, we have no idea that such award will be given; until we were notified as a nominee.
It was extremely flattering considering how fashionable the crowd was and yet they still considered us.
(These were our outfits that night)

And guess what!?!
We actually won the award!
It was so surreal having yourself invited to join the stage by the beautiful host, Joyce Pring.

As a reward, we received a huge bottle of Belvedere vodka which we all agreed to keep and treat as a trophy in remembrance of our win from the event. Thank you Forever 21!

After the fashion related segments, the stage was opened as a dance floor; and everyone including me and my friends had fun dancing till dawn. <3 Forever 21 sure knows how to throw an awesome and very memorable party! More power and more years to come for you, F21 :)

To end this post, here's a photo dump taken from the party:
(Stolen kunyare, haha)

(Bloggers doing their thing <3 We missed you, Dans!)

(I look high... LOL!)

(Meeting and partying with Forever 21 brand ambassadors: Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon and Patricia Prieto.
 I know! i'm so lucky to have 'em in my arms, LOL!
but seriously, it was a dream of mine to meet these bloggers who inspired me to blog; and it actually came true that night <3)

And that's all folks!
More to come soon <3


  1. Looks like you had such a good time! The stage looks amazing - love the colours! You all looked great!
    Rachael x
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    1. Thank you so much, and yeah; we really had a good time :)

  2. All of you looked amazing! And congrats!!

  3. love your outfit! congrats on winning the belvedere!!
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    1. Thank you :)
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  4. You are so lucky! Me jealous. >_< But seriously, congratulations! :)

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  6. Looks like you had such a good time!
    great event and pics;)
    nice outfit, too;)
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  8. Congrats, you were all dressed really cool & stylish! :)
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