Sunday, 22 June 2014

90's Kid

I may not be able to remember most of the things that happened in the 90's for I was still really really young back then and prolly being potty trained, but I do know that this is the time when the grunge style became extremely popular.

Being a fashion enthusiast, I observed that every time a trend is introduced; there'll always be an opposite action that would sprung from the crowd especially the youth. And back in the 90's, the Grunge style was the angstier version of the candy coated pop actions. It is also one of my biggest style inspirations in both dressing up and designing clothes.

This outfit is composed on a day when I was in the mood to get my grunge on.

To adhere to the Tropical climate, this breezy cotton plaid button down served as my heavy grunge flannel.
Now this top is really interesting for it has a different silhouette compared to the ones I own and it is longer at the back and shorter on the front.
I paired this with my favorite shorts and my attention seeking shoes + snapback.

- Another thing that I like about this top are the numbers and words that are printed on both the front and the back. These made it look current and trendy.

Shirt from Street Star
Shorts from Billabong
Shoes from Adidas

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First Day OOTD + My Favorite Stores

Schools that don't require uniforms are heaven sent for us fashionistas and fashionistos.
We can wear whatever the hell we want to! <3
Speaking of schools, here's my OOTD for the first day of my third year in college:

- I basically got inspired by hip hop artists of today like Kanye West, Drake, and Justin Bieber to name a few, making me wear this oversized tee from Topman. The artists that i've mentioned are often seen sporting shirts like this, and I think it's the modernized version of oversized jerseys old hiphoppers used to wear.
This tee is perfect for the heat that we are experiencing in the Philippines for it is made from sportswear materials that are light and cool. I scored this on sale from Topman (SM Aura branch) not a long time ago.

But of course, I only got inspired by them meaning I didn't really duplicated their look; but made my own version of it. So I wore a light wash denim shorts that I bought from a thrift store and finished it off with bling blings. $$$

For my footwear, I went for the sock look that everyone is going crazy for.
My socks are also from Topman and my New Balance sneakers are from Local Celebrity Manila.

Now a couple of my readers are asking me about my favorite stores in the Philippines that's why I decided to compose a short list of my top picks and put it here
(This list is arranged from my least fave to my top fave, for the sake of thrilling you guys. lol)

5. Topman / Topshop
- The OOTD above proves to you my love for this brand.
In my opinion, Topman & Topshop carries the newest and trendiest of pieces making it the most influential and the most trendsetting store in the Philippines. I already proved to myself that no matter what the season and the peg i'm going for is, i'll always find something that I will dig in Topman. The downside of this store however is the way they priced their pieces. Sometimes I would think that their products are a bit overpriced. Another thing is since this brand is influential, some of their products can also be seen in other stores for a lower price.

4. Bershka
- Bershka had only been around in the Philippines for quite sometime but it already made it into my heart and into this list <3
The reason is that this brand has a specific look in which I can totally relate to and I can honestly imagine myself rocking each and every singly thing that are on the racks and shelves of this store.
I love the effortless, grungy and chic vibe that I get from their clothes.
Their price range however is almost the same as that of Topman/Topshop making it a bit un-affordable for me. 

3. Penshoppe
-Penshoppe, the only Philippine based store in my list (LOL, that's horrible)
Alright, I'll admit it; I'm one of those who got infected by Colonial Mentality.
Thus, making me think that everything that is imported is always better than those that're solely made and distributed in the Philippines. (Trust me, I hate this attitude of mine too; and i'm still workin' on it.)
But this isn't the case when it comes to Penshoppe. 
Ya see, Penshope also offer pieces that are both basics and on trend. The quality of their products are also good and you're guranteed that you're helping our economy since it's a Philippines based brand. On top of all that, they also sell in affordable prices perfect for fashionistas and fashionistos on a budget like me. :)

2. Forever 21 / 21 Men
- By now, you prolly know & understand the things that I look for in a store: Clothes that are on trend but doesn't sacrifice its quality and are in affordable prices. And I think these are all covered by Forever 21.
This store literally has everything for everyone.
And it's not only the clothes that are great, but the whole store as well for it gives you that youthful feel. (Forever 21 nga kase, lol)
All of their pieces are also being sold at affordable prices making it one of my faves of all time <3

1. Random Stores around Divisoria and Market Market
- Now my number one has to be the stores that are not uber popular or commercialized and can only be seen on malls like Divisoria and Market Market.
I'm talking stores like Local Celebrity Manila, Androgyne Manila, MuraDito, and Push Thru. Now these stores has the most badass pieces in extremely low prices. Everytime i'm in dire need of a special outfit, I always visit these stores 1st before anything else on the list.

And that's my list!
Tell me your opinion about it :)