Sunday, 22 June 2014

90's Kid

I may not be able to remember most of the things that happened in the 90's for I was still really really young back then and prolly being potty trained, but I do know that this is the time when the grunge style became extremely popular.

Being a fashion enthusiast, I observed that every time a trend is introduced; there'll always be an opposite action that would sprung from the crowd especially the youth. And back in the 90's, the Grunge style was the angstier version of the candy coated pop actions. It is also one of my biggest style inspirations in both dressing up and designing clothes.

This outfit is composed on a day when I was in the mood to get my grunge on.

To adhere to the Tropical climate, this breezy cotton plaid button down served as my heavy grunge flannel.
Now this top is really interesting for it has a different silhouette compared to the ones I own and it is longer at the back and shorter on the front.
I paired this with my favorite shorts and my attention seeking shoes + snapback.

- Another thing that I like about this top are the numbers and words that are printed on both the front and the back. These made it look current and trendy.

Shirt from Street Star
Shorts from Billabong
Shoes from Adidas

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