Thursday, 31 January 2013

Outfit Post: Rebel Yell

Okay, I'm hooked...
After writing(or typing?) my 1st post, I felt so good about blogging and craved to do another post.
And here it is! my very 1st outfit post. I told you Fashion is going to be a big part of this blog ;)
So anyway, I'm sorry if these pictures may appear blurry or in a low resolution, cuz I only used my phone's camera for this, but anyway:

(Leather vest: Forever 21, Top: My brother's old "pambahay" shirt, pants: Folded and Hung, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: MuraDito, Bracelets: Divisoria, rosary: Rebel Gear)


Lately, I've been so inspired about the grunge and the rock&roll style. So for this outfit, I basically took these inspirations and gathered pieces from my wardrobe that'll satisfy the bad ass rocker feel that I've been longing for.

And later on that day, me and my best friend(I'll introduce him to you soon,) found a place with a wall full of handwriting, and it totally matched my outfit. LOL:

And that's it. :)
I hope you like my very 1st outfit post (and my amateur modeling poses, haha) cuz thare'll be more to come soon :)

Have a happy february, everybody :)

Introducing Raf

"Let's make the most of the night, like we're gonna die young"

Sounds like the perfect way to showcase oneself and be candid in front of a lot of people.
I've been wanting to do this ever since last year, and now I finally decided to make the effort and register in this site. My purpose for this is probably because I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with people who are not in my family or inner circle, and to make more acquaintances, friends and connections.
So what are constantly in my thoughts, and therefore would appear in this blog? Well, I am a huge follower of fashion.I love shopping and dressing up, so maybe a huge part of this blog will be the fashionable side of me... but then there's this crazy part of me in w/c I know will trigger me to post random stuffs.

Anyway, enough about my views on blogging 'cuz it's starting to feel like i'm working on a term paper or something. 
Lemme tell you more about me, RAF :)
Full name: John Rafael Juane
Nickname: Raf 
Birth date: February 08, 1996
Height: 5'7'' (Is this how you write it?)
Nationality: Filipino (My grandma on my father's side is a german though, does that make me 1/4 german? I dunno.)
School: College of Saint Benilde
Course: AB major in Fashion Design and Merchandising
Favorite colors: Black, Gold and Hot pink
All time favorite song: The Climb
All time favorite movie: MEAN GIRLS
Favorite foods: Veggies, siomai and cotton candy :D yum

hmmmm, I guess that's it. You're gonna know more about me soon, just check this blog constantly :D (Demanding ang peg!)
I'm gonna pat my back now for making my 1st ever blog post :D

so once again, I'm Raf and this is my blog :)
Thanks for reading.