Thursday, 31 January 2013

Outfit Post: Rebel Yell

Okay, I'm hooked...
After writing(or typing?) my 1st post, I felt so good about blogging and craved to do another post.
And here it is! my very 1st outfit post. I told you Fashion is going to be a big part of this blog ;)
So anyway, I'm sorry if these pictures may appear blurry or in a low resolution, cuz I only used my phone's camera for this, but anyway:

(Leather vest: Forever 21, Top: My brother's old "pambahay" shirt, pants: Folded and Hung, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: MuraDito, Bracelets: Divisoria, rosary: Rebel Gear)


Lately, I've been so inspired about the grunge and the rock&roll style. So for this outfit, I basically took these inspirations and gathered pieces from my wardrobe that'll satisfy the bad ass rocker feel that I've been longing for.

And later on that day, me and my best friend(I'll introduce him to you soon,) found a place with a wall full of handwriting, and it totally matched my outfit. LOL:

And that's it. :)
I hope you like my very 1st outfit post (and my amateur modeling poses, haha) cuz thare'll be more to come soon :)

Have a happy february, everybody :)

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