Saturday, 31 May 2014


I believe that every single one of us views someone as a source of inspiration; whether it be for the looks, style or life in  general. I have to say that mine has to be Miley. 
Yep, Miley freakin' Cyrus.

For I can genuinely relate to her and I'm attracted to her beauty both inside and out.
I can relate to her through the transitions that she made these past couple of months. I'm a big fan of changes and I loved watching her evolve from a Disney princess to the fearless woman that she is right now.

To better express my love,
I composed a Miley-themed outfit for this particular post.

Basically the main element that I wanted to show here is this super dope muscle tee from She Styles.
And what I did is paired it with comfy camo shorts, for I think that this combination is perfect for the Summer heat.
To make things more interesting, I also wore high socks that're printed with marijuana leaves, and I believe this adds up to the Miley vibe that i'm going for considering the things she been doing lately. lol

Muscle Tee from She Styles
Shorts from Teranova
Shoes from Nike
Socks from Mastermind Manila
Cap from MuraDito 

Start All Over

Keeping a blog became a very simple routine for me.
Wake up, compose an outfit, ask someone to be my photographer and post the outputs online. :-/
I'm not saying that this routine is bad, but I just think that it's a bit boring...


Maybe it's not just the routine that is boring, but me as a blogger as well.
I noticed that in some of my previous posts I failed to show my personality and flair along with the opinions that I share. The reason for this is that I was too afraid to be so candid and be judged by random people..... or sometimes I'm just too lazy to be creative with words and produce a post with better quality.
In short, I don't think my previous posts give justice on who I really am.

These realizations allowed me to look back on the reason why I started blogging in the 1st place, and that is to show and inspire people with the way I dress and do things. I grew up reading blogs to help me go through life. A lot of bloggers became my inspirations and now I wanna be able to inspire others too.

That is why, I'm revamping my blog!
From "I Preach Fashion," I'm now renaming it to: "Raf Out Loud!"
There are a handful of reasons why i'm doing this and one of those is because I don't want my blog to only be boxed inside the Fashion industry; instead I want it to tackle about all things in life that I'm in to:
Technology, food, arts, animals, music, movies and more!

Along with the domain and blog name, I also gave this page a new look!
Check out that super cool(yet random) banner. I think it mirrors just who I am from the french fries fence to the Snow White tattoo! <3

am feeling so inspired already and can't wait to talk about more topics aside from Fashion! :)

Postscript: Before I come up to the final design of my banner, here are some of the outtakes:
(Too rock and roll)

-(really liked this but my heart belongs to the 1st one)

And there ya have it guys,
I'm cooking more interesting posts for you to munch on soon :D
For the meantime, tell me wattcha think about these banners :)

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bandana Boy

Whattup, readers!
Here's another outfit post from yours truly.
Just a lil' background: I wore this during our Mother's day celebration to make my mom extra happy for she was the one who bought the shirt for me <3
- Just check out my shirt!
I just think it's so dope and i'm obsessed with it, for aside from its super trendy print; it is also made from a very comfortable and lightweight material. Definitely perfect for the Summer <3

- To adhere to the shirt, I chose to accessorize it with a snapback that (almost) has the same pattern.

For my footwear, I chose to wear these two tone sneakers that are super casual and comfortable.

Shirt from H&M
Pants from Markus
Watch from Tag Heuer
Shoes from Payless

That's about it!
Tell me what you guys think about this one.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Dream Bod

Woo! The Summer heat in the Philippines is so intense.
That is why most of my kababayans(fellow countrymen) are hitting the beach or are going overseas to avoid the heat. But as for me who has no budget to do these things, and refuse to play under the sun for it makes me uncomfortable; I have no choice but to stay at home. Staying here however, does not stop me from doing productive things such as blogging and spending time with my family :)

Anyway, speaking of the beach; here is an outfit suggestion that could be worn there:

- I really love this tank top.
For aside of featuring a hot bod as its main detail, It also makes me feel as if I am the one who possess that bod. In short, I feel that it is both very flattering and comfortable to wear.

Since this is a beach inspired outfit, I paired my tank top with my black pleather short shorts; to add more spunk in it and slip on slippers for more comfort.

That's all for now! but expect more summer themed posts coming your way :)
Tank Top from Ropa
Pleather Shorts from NLPZ
KD Slippers from Nike
Watch from Tag Heuer
Eyewear from Rayban