Saturday, 31 May 2014

Start All Over

Keeping a blog became a very simple routine for me.
Wake up, compose an outfit, ask someone to be my photographer and post the outputs online. :-/
I'm not saying that this routine is bad, but I just think that it's a bit boring...


Maybe it's not just the routine that is boring, but me as a blogger as well.
I noticed that in some of my previous posts I failed to show my personality and flair along with the opinions that I share. The reason for this is that I was too afraid to be so candid and be judged by random people..... or sometimes I'm just too lazy to be creative with words and produce a post with better quality.
In short, I don't think my previous posts give justice on who I really am.

These realizations allowed me to look back on the reason why I started blogging in the 1st place, and that is to show and inspire people with the way I dress and do things. I grew up reading blogs to help me go through life. A lot of bloggers became my inspirations and now I wanna be able to inspire others too.

That is why, I'm revamping my blog!
From "I Preach Fashion," I'm now renaming it to: "Raf Out Loud!"
There are a handful of reasons why i'm doing this and one of those is because I don't want my blog to only be boxed inside the Fashion industry; instead I want it to tackle about all things in life that I'm in to:
Technology, food, arts, animals, music, movies and more!

Along with the domain and blog name, I also gave this page a new look!
Check out that super cool(yet random) banner. I think it mirrors just who I am from the french fries fence to the Snow White tattoo! <3

am feeling so inspired already and can't wait to talk about more topics aside from Fashion! :)

Postscript: Before I come up to the final design of my banner, here are some of the outtakes:
(Too rock and roll)

-(really liked this but my heart belongs to the 1st one)

And there ya have it guys,
I'm cooking more interesting posts for you to munch on soon :D
For the meantime, tell me wattcha think about these banners :)


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