Monday, 5 May 2014

Dream Bod

Woo! The Summer heat in the Philippines is so intense.
That is why most of my kababayans(fellow countrymen) are hitting the beach or are going overseas to avoid the heat. But as for me who has no budget to do these things, and refuse to play under the sun for it makes me uncomfortable; I have no choice but to stay at home. Staying here however, does not stop me from doing productive things such as blogging and spending time with my family :)

Anyway, speaking of the beach; here is an outfit suggestion that could be worn there:

- I really love this tank top.
For aside of featuring a hot bod as its main detail, It also makes me feel as if I am the one who possess that bod. In short, I feel that it is both very flattering and comfortable to wear.

Since this is a beach inspired outfit, I paired my tank top with my black pleather short shorts; to add more spunk in it and slip on slippers for more comfort.

That's all for now! but expect more summer themed posts coming your way :)
Tank Top from Ropa
Pleather Shorts from NLPZ
KD Slippers from Nike
Watch from Tag Heuer
Eyewear from Rayban


  1. Super cool outfit and pieces
    very good looking pics
    great work

  2. love that tank gives an effect that you really have those abs...nice one...

  3. I love your beach inspired outfit! OA kase talaga init ngayon :(

    I followed you, btw. Hope you can follow each other. Talk to you again soon!

  4. that leather short! love it.

  5. looking hot! The Tee is gorgeous! xxx

  6. I agree. The weather is getting so intense! If only beach trips were just a step away and costs a mere dime. Oh well, we have to love our air-conditioning units and electric fans for now. Teehee!

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles