Friday, 28 March 2014

Starry Day

With the hot weather and kids sleeping as late as they want to,
I can officially say that summer is here! <3
Although sometimes I fail to feel it, for I still have school :(
especially now that its that week again when I'm required to take several examinations :(

Well, at least I can use school as an excuse to dress up instead of just slacking at home :P

- I am obsessed with this shirt!
I just get a boost of confidence every time i'm in it for its trendy and flattering features. <3
I also love how it looks like a marriage of both edgy and sport styles due to the presence of stripes, contrasting colors and stars.

Shirt from Folded and Hung
Pants from Harman Jeans
Shoes from Rusty Lopez

Monday, 17 March 2014

I Heart: Moschino Fall/Winter 2014 - 2015

Before anything else,
let me just thank the Lord for Jeremy Scott!
Man, this guy is talented :D and it was evident through the designs that he showed in the Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection of Moschino.

The collection is labeled as "Fast Fashion" and featured mass-market food brands that took the viewers back to the Wonderbread shirts era and Andy Warhol's soup can popart. According to Jeremy, the collection was "a mutant hybrid of Ronald Mcdonald and CoCo Chanel."
And he's right, you can totally see that he added some Mclovin' to CoCo's classical jacket, silhouettes and bags.

Aside from McDonald's, other fun elements are included in the collection too such as Hershey's chocolate bar, popcorn, fruit loops and even Spongebob! 
I know it might sound twisted, but I'm totally loving this collection,
and imma let Jeremy to tell you the reason why:
"“Ultimately, we need no more clothes. We could function with everything that’s on the earth right now. So you have to have this reason to want things. To me, it’s to make you happy, and to me, that’s linked to humor.”

Now, off to our tradition and lemme share with you my top 10 looks from the runway show:

- There is just something about shiny fabrics that I love for Fall. <3
It gives me the vibe of having a very prosperous and shiny holidays!
I love the face that Moschino went fearless and showed the model's underwear on this one.
Talk about swag!

- The classy silhouette from this outfit topped off with bright McDonald-ish colors showed that classy girls can have fun too. I especially LOVE the sunglasses on this one <3

- For Winter, I always think about sweaters!
and this one isn't just an ordinary sweater, it's a freakin' Spongebob one!

- By now, you must've noticed that the collection takes us back to 90's to early 2000's
but it ain't 90's yet without denim!
and this strapless dress paired with gold accessories are HAWT! oh and don't forget the snapback ;D

- Who knew wearing Junk food packaging could work?
I just love how the draping showed complimenting patterns from the light fabric.

- Now you're talking!
I feel like this epitomizes the collection.
It's luxury mixed with mass-driven labels to create a fun yet classy look <3

- If I am Rachel Zoe, I swear I literally DIED right now!
This outfit is based from my taste and my soul!
I just love how badass, quirky and sexy it looks <3

- This I find very very cool!
A wedding gown made from nutrition facts <3
Perfect for crazy beautiful brides!

- I swear, i'm in love with Moschino's signature belt and I'd do a lap dance for one,
but this look doesn't only have one! It has more or less 30 :O
Wow wow wow!

- My number 1 has to be the 1st look to walk out the runway.
It's just soooo wearable and interesting <3
and I never stopped thinkin about it throughout the whole show.

How about you?
Did you like this collection?
If so, what are your favorite pieces?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Summer Strut

It already feels like summer in my country, so that means no more layering clothes!
but just because I can't do layering, doesn't mean my outfits are gonna be boring. :D
I just need to use breathable and thin clothes with interesting details so that I can look good while feeling good at the same time! :)

This shirt is the perfect balance between look and comfort! <3
Its floral pattern is just so unique that it leaves you wondering if it really features flowers or something else :)

And just like girls, I strongly believe that guys can get away with short shorts too. :)
All you need is the warm weather to serve as your excuse and a big bowl of confidence!

Shirt from Penshoppe
Shorts from Bazaar
Shoes from Signor
Watch from Michael Kors
Eyewear from SM Department Store

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Miley does Marc Jacobs Spring 2014

For those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy I am a big Miley Cyrus fan!
I've been like this ever since Hannah Montana debuted on 2006 and stayed with her until now that she's all daring :)
I think that the reason why I love her so much is that I grew up with her and I was able to relate to the transitions that happened not only to her career but to her personality as well.

Aside from Miley, I'm also in love with several fashion designers. One of which is Marc Jacobs,
and i'm so happy to see these two favorites collide <3

(Hot damn!)
It all started when Miley wore Marc Jacobs to both the Met Ball and the Fashion Group International's Night of Stars where she presented him for an award. 
Then she started wearing fashion forward outfits both casually and on stage by Jacobs, and even posing nude for his 'Protect the Skin you're In' line.

With all these being said, it looks like they developed a really good relationship,
 so good that she currently is the face of his brand!

Trivia: Marc Jacobs' usual photographer Juergen Teller seems to dislike Miley for he refused to shoot her. Making Jacobs hire a different one: Mr. David Sims

I loved how these ads aren't 'too spring' due to the use of dark colors and the depiction of unfortunate emotions. But of course, the location is a beach in California giving us an idea that they truly are for the Spring season.
For the clothes, I loved the wide use of fabrics to create different silhouettes.
All of them are also fresh to the eyes for they covered Miley's body that everybody had been used to for the past months.

 How about you? how do you feel about Miley being the face of Marc Jacobs,
tell me in the comment section <3

Postscript: This is how I would look like if Marc Jacobs chose me instead of Miley:

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I Heart: Nescience by Levenson Rodriguez

For a normal person's perspective, a man's way of dressing up is quite boring:
He puts on a shirt, tucks it in his trousers, slips on some shoes and covers up with a blazer;
 but for a certified fashionisto this cycle is actually exciting!
For he knows how to spice things up using various elements like prints, patterns, colors and silhouettes!

For me, I always look for ways on how to make my outfits extra special. 
This is because I don't want to just blend in with the crowd, I want to stand out and leave a lasting impression on them; 
and the clothes that i'm going to feature in this post can surely do just that:
- These are all designed by a Filipino fashion designer named Levenson Rodriguez.
According to him, the collection is about "standing out professionally and advancing to modernity" and I couldn't agree more!
 I think each and every single piece is very bold that it can stand out from any crowd, while still being appropriate to be worn on professional settings.
I especially love the printed suits that look very modern yet professional at the same time <3
The more casual pieces from his collection are also great, for even though it has trendy prints and colors; it can still be worn even by the most conservative men. The details are just so minimal yet tasteful <3
But my favorite piece from this collection, has to be this orange shirt that has the pattern of the Philippines' former first lady, Mrs. Imelda Marcos. The reason is that I just think the idea is very original!
I can say that I have never seen anything like this before and i'm so in love with it.
Definitely something that I would wear <3

To view his complete collection, check out the slideshow below:

Monday, 10 March 2014

Mick Jogger

Remember my obsession with parody clothing brands?
Well this outfit post is related to that too :)
The moment I saw this sleeveless hoodie from Top & Bottom, I knew that I had to buy it, for aside of the words "Comme Des F*ck Down" that is printed on it I also loved the fact that it has no sleeves.
Now, I can wear a hoodie even if it's supper sunny <3

- This outfit gives me the picture of going to the gym or running, and I think that is a good thing! LOL, nothing is more sexier than a man with a healthy lifestyle ;)
Anyway, what i'm saying here is that I always love to dress up in something sporty because aside from the swag that it gives me, I also appreciate its comfort <3

Top: Top and Bottom
Sweatpants: 21Men
Shoes: Converse

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fashion Shows - CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Ready-to-Wear

Although I consider menswear as my expertise, I just have to make a post discussing Chanel's Fall-Winter ready-to-wear collection for 2014/15.
Why? For the sole reason that it is CHANEL, my favorite brand on earth <3
For me, Chanel is the ultimate meeting place for all fashionistas. No matter what your taste is, you'll always find something you'll like in Chanel.

This season's collection is once again a breath of fresh air. Karl Lagerfeld was able to surprise his audience by transforming luxury consumerism to casual style. The presence of high fashion sneakers and heelless boots made the collection live up to CoCo Chanel's perspective that a woman should feel good in order to look good.

Aside from the footwear, a new form of runway is also used. 
A backdrop of a supermarket complete with fruits, canned goods and liquor aisles, giving us an idea on how a regular supermarket would look like if everyone wears Chanel (and darn! it's a great place to be) is just pure genius.

For the clothes, the collection featured the perfect balance of luxury and sporty.
Every piece looks amazing yet wearable from a day to day basis, this is through the usage of jerseys, knits, tweeds and metallic fabrics.

Since the collection featured a lot of impeccable looks,
it's impossible to state my top 3 picks; so imma go ahead and choose my top 10:

- I knew it! Light shades of pink will be on trend this season <3
There's just something about this feminine color that is very likable and i'm glad Karl saw it too.
I think anyone who would rock that slouchy trousers would look like a sophisticated princess! and that puffy bolero is a cute way to keep oneself warm.

- I find this look very interesting for it managed to use the deconstruction technique but still maintained the overall glamour feel that Chanel is known for.
I feel like the jacket and everything else would look so good when used with basic staples.

- The colorful metallic dress underneath that metallic jacket is just so glamorous.

- The strategical pairing of the black top with minimal colorful details together with that fitted high waisted artsy skirt is just brilliant. It gives an illusion of kaleidoscope explosion that started from the skirt all the way to the top.

- The classic Chanel jacket in an unexpected color <3
I love how they used a wild high cut printed sneakers for this classic jacket + skirt combo.

- This sleek coat starts off my top 5.
I just love looking at the fabric used here, it gives me an idea of having a very glamorous Christmas.

- For this look, I love the playful silhouette made by the jacket and the skirt.
The fabric used also screams Chanel, but my favorite part has to be the surprising pop of metallic silver <3

- For this look, I love how each piece compliments each other.
Nothing is getting washed out and nothing is standing out either, everything is shown beautifully and effectively <3

- For me this look sums up the whole collection.
There's the sporty vibe from the fitted deconstructed pieces and the classical feel is also present because of the jacket. The fact that this look is the 1st one to walk the runway also made me remember this.

- And lastly, these 2 are my top 1 :)
All my favorite elements are present here: the light pink color, the classic Chanel suit and Chanel menswear <3
These surely are the showstoppers for me.

How about you?
What are your faves from this collection?

Friday, 7 March 2014

You Must be Grumpy

Snow White is one of my favorite childhood movies!
I remember watching it over and over again on VHS and singing along to songs like "I'm Wishing"  and "Hi Ho." But aside from the story and the songs that're featured in it, I also LOVE the characters and their diverse personalities. One of which is Grumpy! :))

Well yeah, I would admit that he wasn't my favorite back then.
 In fact, I hated him for being unwelcoming to the fairest Princess.
 But now that i'm grown up, I decided to give the little man a chance; cuz when you come to think of it he has a point too. You can't just let anyone sleep in your house just because they're pretty. :)

This sweater is actually from my dad :)
He got it from a friend who went to Disneyland sometime last year, and wearing it makes me feel like I'm also experiencing the happiest place on earth. <3

I also decided to feature this cute bag that I got from my sister <3
I just love how almost my whole look came from my beloved family  <3
Sweater - Disneyland
Pants - Greenhills
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Mango
Cap - Penshoppe
Glasses - UrbanOutfit MNL