Monday, 3 March 2014

The Brightside

Being the only teenager at home can be hard sometimes.
 I have no one to share my crazy thoughts to, no one to confess my darkest feelings and no one to act as my photographer whenever I feel like conducting a shoot.
However when we look at the bright side, I have the oldies to treat me with goodies. 
A recent example of this is when my mom bought a tripod for me! Yay!!

After unboxing the tripod, I immediately went to my closet and styled myself.
I decided to wear an outfit that looks classy and young at the same time.
The classy bits are the presence of my gold watch and brown leather while the comfortable button down + shorts combo gives a youthful vibe :)

- I just love how color blocking works!
It proves that we should not be afraid of playing with colors for that's what Fashion is all about.
It's all about having fun ;)

Speaking of fun, the oldies aren't only the ones who keep me company at home...
My 5 year old niece also stays with me, and she's always around to be cute and relieve everyone from stress.

- Little Andi joined me on my mini photo shoot :)

After writing this post, I just realized how blessed I am to have my family <3
It's actually fun being the only teenager at home for when we look at the bright side, I still have room to be crazy and make mistakes while being rest assured that my whole family will still love me no matter what! :)

I love you Mama, Papa, Ate, Kuya, Babies and tripod :D haha

Shirt: (forgot the name of the store. Will update this once I got the name though)
ShortsL Billabong
Belt: Levi's
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Signor
Bag: Giorgio Armani
Shades: SM Department Store


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  3. Nice post! Your niece is adorable too. :) Following you now!

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic ♥

  4. nice post ... Greets Jon,

  5. Really nice color blocking. I especially like the shorts & the bag, of course ;-)
    Rathana xx

  6. Very pretty!! (L)