Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I Heart: Nescience by Levenson Rodriguez

For a normal person's perspective, a man's way of dressing up is quite boring:
He puts on a shirt, tucks it in his trousers, slips on some shoes and covers up with a blazer;
 but for a certified fashionisto this cycle is actually exciting!
For he knows how to spice things up using various elements like prints, patterns, colors and silhouettes!

For me, I always look for ways on how to make my outfits extra special. 
This is because I don't want to just blend in with the crowd, I want to stand out and leave a lasting impression on them; 
and the clothes that i'm going to feature in this post can surely do just that:
- These are all designed by a Filipino fashion designer named Levenson Rodriguez.
According to him, the collection is about "standing out professionally and advancing to modernity" and I couldn't agree more!
 I think each and every single piece is very bold that it can stand out from any crowd, while still being appropriate to be worn on professional settings.
I especially love the printed suits that look very modern yet professional at the same time <3
The more casual pieces from his collection are also great, for even though it has trendy prints and colors; it can still be worn even by the most conservative men. The details are just so minimal yet tasteful <3
But my favorite piece from this collection, has to be this orange shirt that has the pattern of the Philippines' former first lady, Mrs. Imelda Marcos. The reason is that I just think the idea is very original!
I can say that I have never seen anything like this before and i'm so in love with it.
Definitely something that I would wear <3

To view his complete collection, check out the slideshow below:


  1. Great post John Rafael... All the clothes selection you post from designer Levenson Rodriguez are absolutely unique and trendy! :)

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  3. I never heard about Levenson before so wow! thanks a lot for the share Raf, I specifically love his prints! So young,so bold, and so cool are his designs. Amen to him! <3

    love lots,