Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fashion Shows: AllSaints Men's RTW Fall-Winter 2014

Earlier this month, creative director of  AllSaints showcased his Fall-Winter 2014 collection.
According to him, the inspiration was the edgy East London streets around his atelier.
Below is a slideshow featuring all 14 looks from the said collection.
I don't know about you, but I'm completely in love with the whole collection.
AllSaints was able to deliver a winter collection that could really be worn in cold places while still maintaining the British rock and roll theme that their brand is known for.
I especially love the usage of slim fit pants that looked good in contrasting with the boxy coats and over sized jackets.

The minimal usage of leather is also commendable for everyone predicted lots of it this winter and the fact that they only used a little gave the collection a hint of freshness.

Every single ensemble looks dope, but if I have to choose my top 3 favorites, these would be the list:

- This would be my top 1 because of the layering.
I love how all the 3 garments that are layered for the top has different textures and monochromatic shades that play with the viewer's eyes.
The reefer coat with an exaggerated collar is definitely a showstopper and is now part of my super ambitious wishlist.

I am not a big fan of boxy clothes,
but this look got me convinced to give a boxy coat a try.
This oversize coat is too perfect for words, who knew military green could look super classy?
Aside from the coat, I also loved the shirt underneath it. The black crocodile leather-like material is just so interesting.

- Lastly, i'm placing this sweater look in my 3rd spot.
I find the sweater super dope for it features humor in it. 
Think about it, it says color blind while the whole collection literally lacks color.
I think it's the designer's way of referring to his customers as people who hate or are "blinded" by colors. :D

And that's it!
Overall, I'll give this collection a 10/10; for I loved every single thing about it and could imagine myself wearing most if not all the pieces :D
How about you?
What do you think about this collection?


  1. lovethe style!


  2. Amazing dear ! great look :) kisses

  3. Great pieces,I love all saints for it's unique cuts and styling.

  4. LOVE all saints. they make such amazing clothes. their leather is so good.

    reckless abandon

  5. I love this collection! Everything looks very dark and sleek and sophisticated. The little details and the use of different textures really gives it a cohesion.