Thursday, 24 October 2013


"I've been reckless, but i'm not a rebel without a cause." - Angelina Jolie

Whaddup, guys!
Sorry for not posting often, it's just that i've been extremely busy with school.
Yep, I still have school for I go to CSB where the trimester educational program is being implemented and followed; the reason why "sembreak" is not included in my vocabulary.

But anyway, even though I don't have any form of breaks, weekends are always there to keep me sane.
I take every weekend as a time to have fun and last Sunday is not an exemption. This is because me and my siblings, together with their own families, decided to pay Tagaytay a visit.

And this is what I wore:

- I decided to wear this dope sleeveless hoodie that I got from a store called Push Thru.
I love it so much, for it is very appropriate for the bipolar weather here in the Philippines.

I've been itching to wear hoodies for about some time now, but often get discouraged to do so because of the warm weather. This hoodie however is still applicable for the heat (and for unexpected rains.)
Plus, I just love the printed words and symbols on it. It's the perfect mix of sportiness and rebelliousness.

To add up to the hoodie, I decided to wear a matchy-matchy Givenchy inspired cap.
Called it matchy-matchy for the black and white matches my top and the dark green undertone matches my cargo pants.

Being a Fashion blogger and the only techy person of the family(trust me, i'm the only Juane who have an instagram account. LOL!) bringing my gadgets is a must, and i'm talking about big and heavy gadgets like my DSLR and ipad; so I decided to bring a backpack with me.
I just love the print on this backpack and how it matches my outfit!

Shoutout to my brah for taking these pictures!
Hoodie from Push Thru
Pants from Mogao
Shoes from Caterpillar
Eyewear from Rayban

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

1 Shirt in 3 Ways

Whenever I buy clothes, I always see to it that I can use them for more than once.
This is because like most college students, I have a budget to maintain and distribute to other things like food, academic fees, art materials and more.

For this post, i'd like to show you how I wore one shirt in three ways.
I personally think that being able to mix and match is very important for it shows creativity and versatility: Two qualities that every Fashionista should have! <3

The element that i'm going to wear in three different styles is the Forever 21 ACDC muscle tee.
I just love how it excludes both vintage-y and grungy vibes.
The words written on it "ACDC for those about to rock, UK. tour 1982" signifies that it is a rare band merchandise that is not for sale anymore, when in fact I only got this brand new on a store.

This outfit gives me the "running for errands, then off to Starbucks" character.
This maybe because of the relaxed cardigan that I have on which gives me a very chill look.

Muscle tee from Local Celebrity Manila
Cardigan from Forever 21
Pants from Harman Jeans
Boots from Forever 21

For the second look, I decided to incorporate.... wait for it..... CAMOUFLAGE!
yep, you know me; I'm all up for Camou:

I feel so youthful whenever I wear Camouflage!
and these pants are extra youthful for it have those side details which made it look appropriate for doing physical works.
To add more youth to the look, I decided to go for my trusted sneakers.

Muscle tee from Local Celebrity Manila
Pants from Forever 21
Shoes from Vans
Watch - G-shock

And lastly, 
the best way to go all out grunge is by adding leather to my already grungy tee!
This look is surely an eye-catcher for it has a lot of attitude as given by the leather elements.
So if you wanna look like a rockstar and be a scene stealer, go for leather! 
Muscle tee from Local Celebrity Manila
Vest from Forever 21
Shorts from NLPZ
Shoes from Dr. Martens

Here's a recap for all the looks featured in this post:

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Explicit Givenchy

Once again, 
this outfit post is rated SPG (Strict Parental Guidance LOL!) for it includes some statements that're explicit and may not be appropriate for children :))

so anyway, let me start of by stating something about a random topic: ios 7
I have a bitter-sweet relationship with ios 7 for various reasons, but my favorite thing about it is its new notification center. I like it for it clearly updates everyone on what the weather will be for the day and for the ones to follow! :) and if you're living in a place like the Philippines, which has an extremely bipolar season, this may come in handy.

Once again, me and my super fashionista friends decided to schedule a day when we can shoot each other for blogging purposes and for the sake of having fun. Even before this big day came, I already know what i'm gonna wear in which will be super attractive and appropriate for the weather all thanks to ios 7's weather report. Without further ado, here's my outfit:

All throughout the day, I felt sexy and free(nuks! haha)
all thanks to this super dope Givenchy inspired sweater that I got from Androgyne Manila.
It just reminds me of the hip hop artists from my generation like Kanye West, Jay Z and Justin Bieber. Atleast even just for a day, I can get my swag on ;) haha.

(those white dots are raindrops coming from the open windows)

My favorite part about this sweater is its star details that do around the neck area.
The fact that the stars are present in both the front and back parts is just dope.

Speaking of dope, check out my cap! got this from Local Celebrity; and I just love how it matches my top.
Not just because of the color palette, but also for the hip hop theme.
The phrase: "Fuck you, Pay me" originally vcame from the movie Goodfellas and later on used in a rap song by Kanye West. 

But of course, I tend to add my personal touch to my outfit.
Instead of going all Kanye with jeans, I paired the sweater with shorts that ends right above my knees; giving me a more grungy and age-appropriate approach to the outfit.

To add more grunge, I finished off the look with these bad ass graffiti shoes by Jeremy Scott from Adidas.

Sweater from Androgyne Manila
Shorts from Billabong
Shoes from Adidas
Eyewear from Rayban

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Camouflage Flair

I know you guys are aware,
but I just L-O-V-E wearing camouflage.
There's just something about it which makes me feel good, confident and more like myself!
Another thing that I love about this pattern is that it looks good with my hair color :)

And speaking of hair, I tried wearing a scarf headband for this look, and I actually liked it. :)

And now for my footwear:
I also went on and add another flair of camo on my feet by wearing these camouflage socks.

Muscle tee from MuraDito
Denim vest from MuraDito
Harem pants from Divisoria
Socks from Forever 21
Shoes from Forever 21
Head scarf from Androgyne Manila

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