Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pink Label

Although I don't wear pink a lot, I can still say that it is one of my favorite colors.
This is because pink gives me an impression of cleanliness and freshness. Every time I wear pink or see someone wearing it, I foresee them as very pleasant.

Earlier today, I ditched my grungy style for church and went for something preppy.

- This preppy look is made possible by my super loving Ninang Susan who gave me this dapper shirt!
With this, I wore my red varsity/baseball jacket to incorporate something sporty to the whole outfit.
I really like how these two elements turned out for they proved that you can wear pink and red together since they are both from the same color family, all you need to do is to put them in the right places. :D

-To balance my already colorful staple, I went for something light for both my pants and shoes.

- To top off my look, I went for a watch that compensates the sporty elements of this look.
This one is another gift from my Ninang Susan <3

That's all, folks!
Watcha' think? do I look good in Pink?

Shirt from Aeropostale
Jacket from Topman (old)
Pants from Top & Bottom
Shoes from Converse
Watch from Lacoste

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Friday, 27 September 2013

Baby Baby No

Hey there!
Before you continue reading this post or even check out the photos included here, I'd like to inform you that I have nothing against the singer Justin Bieber, in fact I am a fan of him. :) 

So last last week, me and my friends went out to bond and since all of us are Fashion enthusiasts; it is automatic that we all hang out in style.
With this in mind, I decided to go with this outfit:

I don't know about you, but this look just tells a story to me.
It reminds me of the recently concluded MTV Video Music Awards!
Just look at it this way, these striped pants look exactly like Robin Thicke's when he performed on stage with Miley Cyrus. And the Muscle-tee that i'm wearing features a date implicitly saying that Justin Bieber is gone, and he is in fact absent in the VMA's. :D

Okay, maybe i'm over analyzing, haha.
But still, I really like this look for I finally able to purchase and rock the striped pants trend!

Sorry, Biebs! :( haha

Pants from GreenHills
Jacket from MuraDito
Boots from Doc Martens

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Natural Blue

Boy, I love my life!
Everything seems to be going my way lately:
From schooling to blogging, I can honestly say that i'm very blessed <3

And speaking of school, this is what I wore one school day:
I actually planned this outfit the day before I wore it, and the NEWS served as my basis for it. :D
This is because it was announced by the Philippine's weather department that it's gonna be rainy that day, thus making me wear an outfit that is appropriate for the wet weather. :)

My favorite part of this look however is the camo jacket.
For as all of you know, I have an obsession with camouflage and this one is extra special for it features the color blue in it; making the whole thing look fresh and dope!

This camo Jacket came from an online shop called "Kuripot Queen."
This shop sells both brand new and preloved items for a very low price. 
I even got this jacket for only P169! Making it one of my favorite online purchases so far. <3

Outfit Deets
Camouflage Jacket from Kuripot Queen
Boy London Shirt from Androgyne Manila
Pants from Greenhills
Shooes from Converse

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Style Bipolar: Classic Grunge

Looking like a Bad ass is actually easy.
All you need is a leather jacket, tank top, skinny jeans, leather boots and a plaid button down.
These are my to go to elements whenever I feel like portraying a very bad ass and 'tumblry' grunge character while I walk along the streets.

(It was actually raining when I wore this outfit, that's why i'm in my leather)

You see how bad ass I look here!?!
Another thing that I like about this outfit is that you can actually mix and match its elements and come up with a new look but with the same feel.
Check this out:

(pacute! haha)

So for the first alteration, I wanna show you that you can choose to not use the jacket and still look grungy.
This is because my plaid button down has some black hues into it and is purposefully over-sized.

Secondly, you can wear this outfit by using the button down as a 'wrap around' for your waist.
This will make other people think of you as someone who doesn't give a fudge. :D 

And lastly, if you're living somewhere hot and can't wear a Jacket all the time; you can just skip that part and rock the other elements instead ;)

So to give you a recap, here's a photo featuring 4 different looks using the same elements:

Leather Jacket - MuraDito
Plaid Button Down - ESPRIT Men
Boy London Tank Top - Push Thru 
Pants - Harman Jeans
Boots - 21 Men
Crucifix - Rebel Gear

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Mood Setting

As an aspiring artist, being inspired is one of the most important things to be considered in order for me to come up with credible ideas and crafts, however there are still situations when being uninspired can be inevitable (lalo na, when you're single, haha!) 
That is why, we have to come up  with ways to keep the passion within us burning.

One way of doing this is through creating a Mood board.
A Mood board is basically a collage consisting of various images and texts. It serves as an inspiration or fundamental direction for artists and designers.

The traditional approach in creating one is gathering printed materials and manually cutting and pasting them on a canvas or working area, however due to the advancement of our technology there are now programs and electronic applications that let you make an effective mood board. 

One of which is a phone application called "Papelook," and for me this is one of the best photo-manipulating applications available for both IOS and Android users:
Download it for itunes HERE
Download it for Android HERE

And now, check out the Mood boards that I did using Papelook:

- The first one consists a LOT of grunge-y pictures. 
Each and every picture just tickles my artistic bone making me want to design clothes and compose outfits that're based from the mood that it gives me.

-For the second one, I went for something quirky and dope. 
These "I don't care" images just gives me a confidence boost everytime I look at 'em.
I also included a shirtless Justin Bieber for he is honestly my fitsperation right now. LOL!

And those are my works!
But i'm also planning to compose some more just for fun. :)
How 'bout you? I'd surely like to see you try making one <3

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rowdy Ruff

For me, first meetings of each and every classes are always exciting.
This is when you are given a chance to reorganize not only your schedule, but also yourself and leave a lasting impression to your classmates and professors; and in order for me to do the latter, I decided to wear something that is patterned closely from my personal style.

Aviators, layering, skinny jeans and boots... yep, that's me!
These are the kinds of outfits that I always go to whenever I attend first meetings of classes, for I feel like these represent me and my personality the best. 

Outfit deets:
White long sleeve shirt - MalditaMan
Denim button down - MuraDito
Pants - Greenhills
Shoes - 21 Men
Watch - Casio
Rosary - Rebel Gear
Bracelets - random stores

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tribal Dancer

Hey everyone!
School is back, and i'm so ecstatic about it.
 For i'm already done taking up all of my boring general subjects and finally gonna start dealing with art related ones. It's about time professors feed my mind and ask me to do projects that're related to my majors which are Fashion and the arts, so expect more posts dealing with my crafts. :D

But for now, lemme share with you the outfit that I wore on the 1st day of this much awaited term (and my new hair!:)

Being a student in a school that doesn't require uniforms rules!
I can be whoever I want in whichever day I want to. :D
and for the 1st day of this new term, I decided to look like a dancer.
So in order for me to achieve this, I went on and made my harem pants as the focus of my outfit and paired it with a basic yet interesting aztec top.

To top it all off, I decided to give my new doc's a walk and rock em' with these aztec socks :)

Oh and did I mention I got a haircut?
Outfit Deets:
Shirt from MuraDito
Pants from Divisoria
Socks from Oxygen
Shoes from Doc Martens

Thanks for reading!
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