Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fashion Sketches - We Can't Stop

Being a Fashion Design student, drawing is in my alley. 
I'm lucky that I happen to have the hands that're equipped in drawing, that's why even though i'm not taking my majors yet; i'm still able to sketch and project my fashion ideas into paper.

For my blog, I want to feature not only my outfits but also my art. So I decided to make a segment called "Fashion Sketches" In which I will post looks that're drawn by me. Plus, this can also be an instrument for me to help my female viewers in dressing up for it is often women's wear that I get to design.

Recently, I've been obsessing about Miley Cyrus' new song "We Can't Stop." 
And since it is a fact that music and fashion has a close relationship with each other, this song didn't fail to inspire me to sketch and compose a look about it. The music video also helped me visualize more about the song.

Without further ado, here are the sketches that I've made that're inspired by the song:

So for the first look, I've always imagined a girl dancing to that song in a one piece, deep v-neck, black leather romper.

I matched this romper that I've designed with fishnet pantyhose and stripper heels:

The next look is composed of a crop top with suspender-like details and the word "FINE" written on the middle of it. I matched this unique top with a two-patterned high waist-ed short shorts.

For the footwear, I decided to use the classic Doc Martens punk boots with high socks:

The third look that is designed by me is my favorite one from this bunch.
It features a crop top with the words "TOP OF THE LINE" written on it, suspenders, and an extremely distressed boyfriend jeans:

For the shoes, I just went for pointy high heeled shoes, for if a girl is wearing baggy jeans; it is a must for her to wear high heels:

And for the last look that is included in this post is this leather dress with zipper details on its edges:

I Imagined this dress to be all black and is made from good pleather.
For the shoes, I decided to be more futuristic and pair it with leather booties that also have a lot of zipper details:

For all the looks in general, I refused to add a lot of accessories for i'm already convinced that these clothes can already make a statement by themselves.

What do you think of these designs?
Thanks :))


  1. wow, you got those cool talent on sketchin...I also love that track from Miley...

  2. Lovely sketches. Your very talented.

    Sarah x