Thursday, 27 June 2013

Let's Break the Rules

"It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters
 and make fun of our exes."

Being a Fashion blogger, it is understandable that I've been a  follower of other blogs/sites that came out before mine. These blogs became my inspiration not just for writing, but for dressing up as well.
One of the blogs that I usually visit is called Blacklister. This blog is owned by a guy named John from Brooklyn who talks  about his Fashion sense. I can say that he has a good taste, but there is just this one particular POST from him that I disagree on. According to this post of his, boys cannot wear boat shoes with socks. He emphasized this like it is the biggest rule in the fashion rule book, but I disagree. I say ditch that rule book for there are no rules in fashion!

As you can see, I disobeyed this fashion "rule." This is because I honestly think that boat shoes can totes be worn with socks; 

(Socks from Basic House, Shoes from Greenhills)
and I was darn right. After seeing this look on my feet I decided to compose one whole outfit that'd revolve around it. I became a Hipster for a day :)

(Short sleeved button down from MURADITO)

And of course, I'm gonna need a hipster place in order to take my pictures:

(This place is called "Noriter." It is one of my favorite places in Taft for its good food and beautiful interior. It's always cozy in here even if it's not raining)

To end this post, i'd like to remind everyone again that there are NO rules in fashion and if there happens to be one it's to always have fun in dressing up! Also, i'd like to give another shoutout to my girls who are with me during this shoot:
Hi Corine!

Hello Ysa!

Check out their blogs here:

Thanks for reading! <3

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