Sunday, 25 August 2013

Martial Law

I often describe my style as a combination of a lot of elements, and one of these is the military look. 
If you haven't noticed how abnormally obsessed I am for camouflage, you are either a new blog visitor or blind.

So anyway, this post will feature the outfit that I wore last Saturday (August 24, 2013;) in which I once again wore something that is inspired by the military.
The season in the Philippines for the past few days is crazy. There are times when the sun would shine so harshly, sometimes there'll be rain; and in other times a disruptive storm will pay a visit.
And that is the reason why I made this outfit appropriate from both sunny and rainy weathers.

For my top, I mixed two of my favorite staples:
the comfy white long sleeved shirt and military inspired vest. 
This is a strategic way of styling for the crazy weather, because I can take off my vest when it gets too hot while leave it on if ever rain will pour.

In accordance to my top, I also wore a camo snapback.
I'm just really into snapbacks these days for it can also protect me in both sun and rain. It's a less hassle and more stylish way of bringing umbrellas (haha!)

For my shoes, I went for this World Balance option that I got from one of my favorite blogger's giveaway.
A big thanks to kuya Gerd Perez for choosing my entry and letting me have these babies.
I just love the studs that are placed strategically in them and how it adheres to my personal style and closet.

And of course, I can't go to school without my bag; so I went for this camo backpack that surely made the whole outfit more youthful and put together.

Preaching Point:
Don't be afraid to wear elements that are "matchy-matchy." 
It doesn't hurt to stand out once in a while ;)

Outfit Deets:
Long-sleeve top from Maldita Man
Vest - a hand me down from my bro
Camo shorts from Terranova
Snapback from MuraDito
Watch from Cross Hair Manila (Instagram store)
Shoes from World Balance
Backpack from MuraDito


  1. I notice you have so much cool baseball caps. Especially the one that you wear in this post :)

    100% Nerd

  2. Great look! I love the snikers :)
    Miky <3

  3. Nice outfit! Love the hat!

    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster award! You will find more information in my post here:

    I hope you will answer the questions and continue this nice gesture!

  4. Such a great combo, plenty of camo!

  5. Camou all the way :) love it :D love the whole outfit! perf :)

  6. love this look!