Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Varsity Preppy

Confused by this post's title?
Don't be! here's my explanation:

Earlier today, I decided to wear something different and risky.
I chose to mix and match elements of clothing that belong from two different styles: Sporty and Preppy.

I believe that the preppy parts of this outfit are my top, belt, pants and bag.
This is because, I chose to wear this graphic sweater in a tucked manner exposing a classy leather belt.
In addition to that, I also carried along another top in which I used as a scarf for a more preppy vibe.
To top it all off, this leather handbag reminds me of professionalism and independence(nuks!) 

On the other hand, the sporty element here are my shoes.
I chose to wear my Nike View III for this outfit, because like I said earlier, I don't want to stick with only just one theme.
 I have the ability to explore fashion, so why not do just that?

To add a little more spice to my footwear, I also wore this striped socks. 
Those stripes just remind me of the ones on the sleeves of a varsity jacket, therefore it complimented the sportiness of this outfit very well.

Another sporty detail that I added to this outfit is my snap back.
This one is one of my favorite snapbacks because it's very unique and it has some kick into it.
It inspired from COMME des FUCKDOWN and it features the words "f*ck" and "down" on two different strategical places.

To end this post, i'd like to preach a Fashion message:
Don't be afraid to explore styles.
You'll never know if it'll look good unless you try ;)

Black Sweater from Unitop
Varsity shirt(used as scarf) from Superdry
Pants from Green Hills
Socks from Basic House
Shoes from Nike
Shades from Rayban


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  3. yu have an amazing style! loveeee your cap

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  5. Well, YOU MADE IT!! You looked fucking amazing!!


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  10. It works. Love it

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