Friday, 6 December 2013


Sorry for not being able to post as often as before. :) 
It's finals week and I have a lot of plates to pass and exams to take; 
but anyway, at least I was still able to squeeze in a quick outfit post for the one I wore last Tuesday.

(It's so weird how I unconsciously kept my left foot looking like this in almost all the pictures! LOL)

-As you can see, this seems to be your usual "on the go" type of look, because of the use of the T-shirt + shorts combo. However, I believe I was still able to make it a bit more interesting by playing with colors and shades. 
I just love how the colors of my wraparound contrast to my all black ensemble.  

Shirt from Androgyne Manila
Shorts from Billabong
Flannel Button down from Y.R.Y.S.
Shoes from People are People
Beanie from 21 Men
Eyewear from Rayban