Sunday, 25 August 2013

Martial Law

I often describe my style as a combination of a lot of elements, and one of these is the military look. 
If you haven't noticed how abnormally obsessed I am for camouflage, you are either a new blog visitor or blind.

So anyway, this post will feature the outfit that I wore last Saturday (August 24, 2013;) in which I once again wore something that is inspired by the military.
The season in the Philippines for the past few days is crazy. There are times when the sun would shine so harshly, sometimes there'll be rain; and in other times a disruptive storm will pay a visit.
And that is the reason why I made this outfit appropriate from both sunny and rainy weathers.

For my top, I mixed two of my favorite staples:
the comfy white long sleeved shirt and military inspired vest. 
This is a strategic way of styling for the crazy weather, because I can take off my vest when it gets too hot while leave it on if ever rain will pour.

In accordance to my top, I also wore a camo snapback.
I'm just really into snapbacks these days for it can also protect me in both sun and rain. It's a less hassle and more stylish way of bringing umbrellas (haha!)

For my shoes, I went for this World Balance option that I got from one of my favorite blogger's giveaway.
A big thanks to kuya Gerd Perez for choosing my entry and letting me have these babies.
I just love the studs that are placed strategically in them and how it adheres to my personal style and closet.

And of course, I can't go to school without my bag; so I went for this camo backpack that surely made the whole outfit more youthful and put together.

Preaching Point:
Don't be afraid to wear elements that are "matchy-matchy." 
It doesn't hurt to stand out once in a while ;)

Outfit Deets:
Long-sleeve top from Maldita Man
Vest - a hand me down from my bro
Camo shorts from Terranova
Snapback from MuraDito
Watch from Cross Hair Manila (Instagram store)
Shoes from World Balance
Backpack from MuraDito

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Varsity Preppy

Confused by this post's title?
Don't be! here's my explanation:

Earlier today, I decided to wear something different and risky.
I chose to mix and match elements of clothing that belong from two different styles: Sporty and Preppy.

I believe that the preppy parts of this outfit are my top, belt, pants and bag.
This is because, I chose to wear this graphic sweater in a tucked manner exposing a classy leather belt.
In addition to that, I also carried along another top in which I used as a scarf for a more preppy vibe.
To top it all off, this leather handbag reminds me of professionalism and independence(nuks!) 

On the other hand, the sporty element here are my shoes.
I chose to wear my Nike View III for this outfit, because like I said earlier, I don't want to stick with only just one theme.
 I have the ability to explore fashion, so why not do just that?

To add a little more spice to my footwear, I also wore this striped socks. 
Those stripes just remind me of the ones on the sleeves of a varsity jacket, therefore it complimented the sportiness of this outfit very well.

Another sporty detail that I added to this outfit is my snap back.
This one is one of my favorite snapbacks because it's very unique and it has some kick into it.
It inspired from COMME des FUCKDOWN and it features the words "f*ck" and "down" on two different strategical places.

To end this post, i'd like to preach a Fashion message:
Don't be afraid to explore styles.
You'll never know if it'll look good unless you try ;)

Black Sweater from Unitop
Varsity shirt(used as scarf) from Superdry
Pants from Green Hills
Socks from Basic House
Shoes from Nike
Shades from Rayban

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Messing Up with CoCo

From lookbook users to celebrities, we often see one particular trend that features luxury, humor and being trashy all in one.
 I'm talking about the trend which revises established luxury brand names into something funny and grungy. Like for example: Chanel becomes Channel Zero, Givenchy becomes giRAUNCHY, Prada will be pRADa; and a whole lot more.

And just recently, I managed to do my take on this trend:
- Being invited to a Fashion event, I always see to it that i'll be true to myself and to my style. That is why, I went for this number which excludes a very grungy vibe.

For my top, I layered two bad ass elements. 
One is a trendy muscle tee which features the word F*ck and incorporates the iconic Chanel logo in replacement of the letter C. To make it look more interesting and well-designed, I also wore a hoodie made from mesh.

I'm extremely in love with this hoodie, basically because with it; I can transform any simple outfit and give it some edge. It also reminds me of what Miley Cyrus wore on the Met Gala last year:

Another element in this outfit that I love, is my bonnet:
Following the trend that I made mention earlier,
This headgear, features the words Channel Zero.
I believe this is another way to mention the brand Chanel and mix it with quirk and grunge.

All in all, I really love this outfit.
It's one of those that I feel extremely confident in for it has Raf Juane written all over it <3
How about you?
If you like this one too, hype it on lookbook and tell me your thoughts in the comment section :)

Outfit Details:
Bonnet from Androgyne Manila 
Mesh hoodie from Androgyne Manila
Muscle tee from Androgyne Manila
Harem Pants from Divisoria
Boots from 21 Men

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Forever 21 Fashion & Music Fest

Last Thursday (August 08, 2013,) me and my friends attended the "Forever 21 Fashion & Music Fest" in celebration of the brand's 3rd year anniversary in the Philippines. It happened in Hyve W Global Center, Bonifacio Global city.

Forever 21 is one of those brands that we all mutually adore, that is why we are all stoked to attend this event. From the Fashion show to the hip music that'll be played, we are pretty darn sure that this'll be a party to remember.

And boy, we are so darn right!

Arriving in the party, this is the stage that welcomed us.
Those platforms are heaps attractive, and it also serves a purpose of showcasing Forever 21 fashions in which I will show you later.

For now, lemme introduce you to these beauties who came with me.
From left to right, we have Elaine Bautista, Corine Sibug, Julianne Soriano and Ysa Mendoza.

In there, we also met with one of our closest and prettiest friend: Dani Barretto accompanied by her boyfriend Mikyle(Who won a Best Dressed award that night, congrats again!)

Speaking of best dressed, here are the fashions that are featured that night:
The first collection was entitled: "Back to Grunge"
My heart was really into this collection for it included all of my favorite elements like camouflage, plaid, denim and leather. My friend, Corine also noticed how the collection resembles that of my taste saying "Raf, dedicated yata for you yung collection na to." 

(I swear, these models are too attractive to be humans. More like angels or living dolls)
The next collection was called "Mod Street Style."
This one is very likable for it featured clothes that're black and white in which people are going to find easy to mix and match. I also love how they layered the pieces and still made it look appropriate for out tropical country.

Lastly, we have the "Comic Boom" collection. 
It is a big bowl of colors and vintage-y quirkiness.

All in all, i'm loving the directions of style Forever 21 is going to. I can really envision myself wearing a couple of garments from each of the three featured collections.

But aside from the overwhelming Fashion show, 
there was also another part of the program in which we enjoyed the most; and it was the announcement of the "Best Dressed Group."
At first, we have no idea that such award will be given; until we were notified as a nominee.
It was extremely flattering considering how fashionable the crowd was and yet they still considered us.
(These were our outfits that night)

And guess what!?!
We actually won the award!
It was so surreal having yourself invited to join the stage by the beautiful host, Joyce Pring.

As a reward, we received a huge bottle of Belvedere vodka which we all agreed to keep and treat as a trophy in remembrance of our win from the event. Thank you Forever 21!

After the fashion related segments, the stage was opened as a dance floor; and everyone including me and my friends had fun dancing till dawn. <3 Forever 21 sure knows how to throw an awesome and very memorable party! More power and more years to come for you, F21 :)

To end this post, here's a photo dump taken from the party:
(Stolen kunyare, haha)

(Bloggers doing their thing <3 We missed you, Dans!)

(I look high... LOL!)

(Meeting and partying with Forever 21 brand ambassadors: Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon and Patricia Prieto.
 I know! i'm so lucky to have 'em in my arms, LOL!
but seriously, it was a dream of mine to meet these bloggers who inspired me to blog; and it actually came true that night <3)

And that's all folks!
More to come soon <3

Friday, 2 August 2013

Sketching Stripes

From bloggers to local and international celebrities;
it is evident that fashion trends dictate one's way of dressing.
And during these past few days, we witnessed a classical trend which required people to go it's vertical and/or horizontal direction.
That's tight, i'm talking about the "Stripe Trend:"

Since it had become one of the biggest trend so far for this year, and I keep on seeing them worn by numerous people every time. I got inspired to sketch some designs incorporating stripes!

- So for the first look, I wanted to show that you can be sexy even if you're covered with fabrics.
The key element here has to be the top, for in here; I incorporated both diagonal and horizontal stripes for a mod feel. To make it more interesting, I would like to make the sleeves out of chiffon. I think giving it a bit of see-throughness would be dope. 
For a more sexier feel, I matched the top with a kin tight riding pants and heeled boots.

- For the second look, I decided to use cropped top and mini skirt.
In here, the stripes are thin, for a nautical feel; this is because I don't want this look to be grungy but more classy.

- For the 3rd look,
I drew a maxi skirt, and in order to make it more original; I added a sexy slit.

- And lastly, to set this look apart from the others; I decided to make a one-piece dress.
It's body hugging and see through. I also planned a strategy in order to cover up the areas that needs to be covered, which you can see on the illustration above.

That's all, folks!
Which one is your fave from this collection? :)