Friday, 24 January 2014

Gareth Blonde

Dear readers,
I promised to post about my hair, and here it is!

If you know me or are following me for the past months, then you are aware of how often I change hairstyles(I transform drastically every 3 months lol!) This is because I'm a teenager, and this is the age of exploration! I don't wanna wait until i'm 50 before I bleach my hair blonde or dye it blue.

But for this year, in which i'm gonna turn 18, I decided to choose and get my own signature hairstyle.
I swear this time, it's for good!

Since i'm no hair expert, the first step that I took is to consult Google for hairstyles that'd suit me.
I learned that I have an oval face shape with no angular jaw definition(which btw sucks!) and the styles that'd look good on me are short ones that could be spiked up to form a contrasting illusion.

With this in mind, I came across the footballer(why do footballers always have good hair?), Gareth Bale's hairstyle. It's short and can be spiked up or styled into an up do, sounds perfect for my face shape :D plus, that razor-detail adds a touch of edge.

But i'm not done yet, since I'm studying in an art school, I wanna enjoy the privilege of being able to dye my hair in any color without getting reprimanded by the officials.... thus making me bleach a part of it platinum blonde. :D

And here is the end result:

Tank Top from Androgyne Manila
I'm feeling so fresh now!
I believe I got the perfect hairstyle that balances both edginess and maturity :D
My only duty now is to maintain it, and I can do this by visiting my hairstylist every 2 weeks :)

What do you think of my hair, dudes? :)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I am Supreme

Being a personal style blogger, I have to take pictures of myself. 
This can easily be done when i'm in school for I would just ask one of my friends to become my photographer, but it's a different story when I feel like conducting shoots at home. The reason is I don't really have anyone around to take pictures of me :( My parents are always busy, siblings doesn't live with us anymore and our yaya is always doing household chores.
I believe this is also the reason why I get inactive every time I stay at home during vacation :( 

But one day, I decided to try something new and become my own photographer! I got really in the mood for productivity.

Having no tripod, I used various materials and got creative with them to serve as a stand for my camera; after that I set the timer on and posed! LOL
I feel so independent, here are my shots:

-Okay, they may not be that great, but they're not bad :)
I'm just proud of myself of being able to take pictures at home even when i'm alone :)

Top from Push Thru

Now I need your opinion!
Do you guys think I should continue being my own photographer, or should I give the job to somebody else?
That's all for now, bye!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

Hello my awesome readers!
Before anything else, i'd like to greet you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I know it might be too late for that, but hey it's better late than never :D LOL
so anyway you're currently reading the first of my many posts for the year of 2014. Trust me, I have a lot to talk about and I can't wait to share them with you on my upcoming posts :))))
for the meantime, lemme share with you this super cool sweater that I've been going crazy for lately:

"Marlboro, you're going to die anyway"
Sweater from Mastermind Manila

I just think this sweater looks really really dope, and I hope you do too!
It reminds me of the classical Campbell's Soup Cans artwork by Andy Warhol, but made funnier :D
Oh and another thing, I know you noticed I got a haircut ;) I'll be talking about it soon!

P.S. I don't smoke :)