Saturday, 11 January 2014

I am Supreme

Being a personal style blogger, I have to take pictures of myself. 
This can easily be done when i'm in school for I would just ask one of my friends to become my photographer, but it's a different story when I feel like conducting shoots at home. The reason is I don't really have anyone around to take pictures of me :( My parents are always busy, siblings doesn't live with us anymore and our yaya is always doing household chores.
I believe this is also the reason why I get inactive every time I stay at home during vacation :( 

But one day, I decided to try something new and become my own photographer! I got really in the mood for productivity.

Having no tripod, I used various materials and got creative with them to serve as a stand for my camera; after that I set the timer on and posed! LOL
I feel so independent, here are my shots:

-Okay, they may not be that great, but they're not bad :)
I'm just proud of myself of being able to take pictures at home even when i'm alone :)

Top from Push Thru

Now I need your opinion!
Do you guys think I should continue being my own photographer, or should I give the job to somebody else?
That's all for now, bye!


  1. wow! you have an insanely beautiful job Raf!
    I so love your top too!!! very cool and trendy.
    Happy New Year! and of course belated Merry Christmas! :))) btw,I'm following you now,hope you follow me as well.<3

    love lots,

    1. Thank you, belated Happy New Year and Merry 2013 Christmas to you as well :)

  2. These shots are awesome- I can NOT take my own photos so I'm impressed by your ingenuity! :) I love your outfit as well!

    1. Why thank youuu! It's definitely hard to take pictures of yourself, but. I suggest you go and try it too :)