Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dude, I'm a DORK

"Dork is a slang insult referencing to someone's poor physical appearance or social skills."

- Given the definition above, I can truly say that I really am a dork. Not that I feel physically ugly (for everyone is beautiful) but because of my poor social skills. I often get nervous in meeting new people and speaking in front of the class even though my friends always remind me that I shouldn't be. 

Last week, me and my fellow blogger friends; Ysa and Corine decided to meet up in a cafe called Cafe de Seoul near Taft area. The place is really inspiring for it has this cutesy Korean vibe that made me feel like a tourist for the whole time. Plus, the outfit that i'm wearing is really "bagay" to the place :) With these give, we decided to do a little photo shoot :)

First with my outfit shots:
(Shirt and pants from Push Thru, Shoes from Doc Martens, Watch from G-shock)

I can say, my outfit that day made me really confident, maybe because it's comfortable. The shirt is white and simple, making it appropriate to be worn during daytime when the sun shines harshly in the Philippines. My chino pants aren't that tight keeping my legs cool, and my Doc Martens boots is able to finish up the look by adding an extra flair of trendiness to it :) With all these combined, I look like a really happy and confident DORK :)

But aside from these solo shots, me and my fellow blogger friends also had a little fun time with the place and camera :D

The girl  pictured with me above is Ysa, she is one of my closest college friends and I admire her looks and fashion sense,
you can check out her blog by clicking here:

And this is Corine. Like Ysa, her style is also worth checking out. Take a look at her blog here:

Thanks for reading :))