Friday, 13 September 2013

Mood Setting

As an aspiring artist, being inspired is one of the most important things to be considered in order for me to come up with credible ideas and crafts, however there are still situations when being uninspired can be inevitable (lalo na, when you're single, haha!) 
That is why, we have to come up  with ways to keep the passion within us burning.

One way of doing this is through creating a Mood board.
A Mood board is basically a collage consisting of various images and texts. It serves as an inspiration or fundamental direction for artists and designers.

The traditional approach in creating one is gathering printed materials and manually cutting and pasting them on a canvas or working area, however due to the advancement of our technology there are now programs and electronic applications that let you make an effective mood board. 

One of which is a phone application called "Papelook," and for me this is one of the best photo-manipulating applications available for both IOS and Android users:
Download it for itunes HERE
Download it for Android HERE

And now, check out the Mood boards that I did using Papelook:

- The first one consists a LOT of grunge-y pictures. 
Each and every picture just tickles my artistic bone making me want to design clothes and compose outfits that're based from the mood that it gives me.

-For the second one, I went for something quirky and dope. 
These "I don't care" images just gives me a confidence boost everytime I look at 'em.
I also included a shirtless Justin Bieber for he is honestly my fitsperation right now. LOL!

And those are my works!
But i'm also planning to compose some more just for fun. :)
How 'bout you? I'd surely like to see you try making one <3


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    1. Thank you! and sure, i'll follow you back right now :)

  2. Love it !!
    nice collage !


  3. love your mood boards! so inspired