Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fashion Shows - CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Ready-to-Wear

Although I consider menswear as my expertise, I just have to make a post discussing Chanel's Fall-Winter ready-to-wear collection for 2014/15.
Why? For the sole reason that it is CHANEL, my favorite brand on earth <3
For me, Chanel is the ultimate meeting place for all fashionistas. No matter what your taste is, you'll always find something you'll like in Chanel.

This season's collection is once again a breath of fresh air. Karl Lagerfeld was able to surprise his audience by transforming luxury consumerism to casual style. The presence of high fashion sneakers and heelless boots made the collection live up to CoCo Chanel's perspective that a woman should feel good in order to look good.

Aside from the footwear, a new form of runway is also used. 
A backdrop of a supermarket complete with fruits, canned goods and liquor aisles, giving us an idea on how a regular supermarket would look like if everyone wears Chanel (and darn! it's a great place to be) is just pure genius.

For the clothes, the collection featured the perfect balance of luxury and sporty.
Every piece looks amazing yet wearable from a day to day basis, this is through the usage of jerseys, knits, tweeds and metallic fabrics.

Since the collection featured a lot of impeccable looks,
it's impossible to state my top 3 picks; so imma go ahead and choose my top 10:

- I knew it! Light shades of pink will be on trend this season <3
There's just something about this feminine color that is very likable and i'm glad Karl saw it too.
I think anyone who would rock that slouchy trousers would look like a sophisticated princess! and that puffy bolero is a cute way to keep oneself warm.

- I find this look very interesting for it managed to use the deconstruction technique but still maintained the overall glamour feel that Chanel is known for.
I feel like the jacket and everything else would look so good when used with basic staples.

- The colorful metallic dress underneath that metallic jacket is just so glamorous.

- The strategical pairing of the black top with minimal colorful details together with that fitted high waisted artsy skirt is just brilliant. It gives an illusion of kaleidoscope explosion that started from the skirt all the way to the top.

- The classic Chanel jacket in an unexpected color <3
I love how they used a wild high cut printed sneakers for this classic jacket + skirt combo.

- This sleek coat starts off my top 5.
I just love looking at the fabric used here, it gives me an idea of having a very glamorous Christmas.

- For this look, I love the playful silhouette made by the jacket and the skirt.
The fabric used also screams Chanel, but my favorite part has to be the surprising pop of metallic silver <3

- For this look, I love how each piece compliments each other.
Nothing is getting washed out and nothing is standing out either, everything is shown beautifully and effectively <3

- For me this look sums up the whole collection.
There's the sporty vibe from the fitted deconstructed pieces and the classical feel is also present because of the jacket. The fact that this look is the 1st one to walk the runway also made me remember this.

- And lastly, these 2 are my top 1 :)
All my favorite elements are present here: the light pink color, the classic Chanel suit and Chanel menswear <3
These surely are the showstoppers for me.

How about you?
What are your faves from this collection?


  1. lovin' the baby pink hues in the r/w as well. and gotta love the supermarket theme/backdrop.

    1. I know! Now I can't be in a supermarket without thinking of Chanel :) <3

  2. nice outfits

  3. Loving every single piece! Chanel can never go wrong. Great post.

    xx Cissy

  4. also loved your top 1. is #2 kara de levigne?love her!

  5. Did you heard about Karl is saying: "Someone who wears jogging pants, lost the control over his life"? Well, I think he contradicts himself, but I love the collection anyway. His talent, picking those awesome settings is incredible. xx

    Comme une giroflée

    1. Yeah, I guess he changed his views now and gave jogging pants a chance :))

  6. Karl out did himself in this one. I love the transition he's been making to more street style, but keeping the elements of classic Chanel (ex: the pink suit/jacket in the last picture).

    xxxo from San Francisco,




  7. love 6 and 1 :)

  8. I love the mustard coloured outfit. I think its very elegant.
    Hey cool post. * follower, love it if you followed me.
    Renee x

  9. Great color, love mustard too! Gorgeous collection!

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