Monday, 17 March 2014

I Heart: Moschino Fall/Winter 2014 - 2015

Before anything else,
let me just thank the Lord for Jeremy Scott!
Man, this guy is talented :D and it was evident through the designs that he showed in the Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection of Moschino.

The collection is labeled as "Fast Fashion" and featured mass-market food brands that took the viewers back to the Wonderbread shirts era and Andy Warhol's soup can popart. According to Jeremy, the collection was "a mutant hybrid of Ronald Mcdonald and CoCo Chanel."
And he's right, you can totally see that he added some Mclovin' to CoCo's classical jacket, silhouettes and bags.

Aside from McDonald's, other fun elements are included in the collection too such as Hershey's chocolate bar, popcorn, fruit loops and even Spongebob! 
I know it might sound twisted, but I'm totally loving this collection,
and imma let Jeremy to tell you the reason why:
"“Ultimately, we need no more clothes. We could function with everything that’s on the earth right now. So you have to have this reason to want things. To me, it’s to make you happy, and to me, that’s linked to humor.”

Now, off to our tradition and lemme share with you my top 10 looks from the runway show:

- There is just something about shiny fabrics that I love for Fall. <3
It gives me the vibe of having a very prosperous and shiny holidays!
I love the face that Moschino went fearless and showed the model's underwear on this one.
Talk about swag!

- The classy silhouette from this outfit topped off with bright McDonald-ish colors showed that classy girls can have fun too. I especially LOVE the sunglasses on this one <3

- For Winter, I always think about sweaters!
and this one isn't just an ordinary sweater, it's a freakin' Spongebob one!

- By now, you must've noticed that the collection takes us back to 90's to early 2000's
but it ain't 90's yet without denim!
and this strapless dress paired with gold accessories are HAWT! oh and don't forget the snapback ;D

- Who knew wearing Junk food packaging could work?
I just love how the draping showed complimenting patterns from the light fabric.

- Now you're talking!
I feel like this epitomizes the collection.
It's luxury mixed with mass-driven labels to create a fun yet classy look <3

- If I am Rachel Zoe, I swear I literally DIED right now!
This outfit is based from my taste and my soul!
I just love how badass, quirky and sexy it looks <3

- This I find very very cool!
A wedding gown made from nutrition facts <3
Perfect for crazy beautiful brides!

- I swear, i'm in love with Moschino's signature belt and I'd do a lap dance for one,
but this look doesn't only have one! It has more or less 30 :O
Wow wow wow!

- My number 1 has to be the 1st look to walk out the runway.
It's just soooo wearable and interesting <3
and I never stopped thinkin about it throughout the whole show.

How about you?
Did you like this collection?
If so, what are your favorite pieces?


  1. The blue dress really stood out to me! thanks for sharing!

  2. YASSSSSSS! This Moschino collection is EVERYTHING. I want those "M" sunnies.

    xxxo from San Francisco,




  3. goshhh love moschino!

    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    greetings from Hong Kong :)

  4. Amazing show!! Xx

  5. Awsome post!! i like the moschino thats worn beneath the bLACK ensemble.

    Greets Jon

  6. love it! some of them are not for everyday wear but still, this man is so creative! my favorite would be #2 (S&M-ish, ultra sexy) and #3 (love the print is so subtle, you won't notice until you look closely, love the simple color combo too!).

  7. I loveee Moschino! The collection looks really great <3

  8. Awesome collection !!!!


  9. Beautiful!!
    thanks for sharing.
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu