Friday, 28 February 2014

10 Basic Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Building your own wardrobe, just like building a house, can be tricky without a stable foundation. The foundations that i'm referring here are not cement and pillars, but rather basic pieces that every guy should have in his wardrobe. In short, we'll call them wardrobe essentials.

Having these wardrobe essentials is the first step in discovering your own style and building your own set of clothes. This is because all the elements that are included here are so versatile that it could suit any age and any taste. In addition to that, these pieces are also timeless and will never be "out" of Fashion.

Being a boy who is fond of switching up styles, I consider these essentials as priced possessions, and i'm excited in sharing them with you:

1. The Classic Button Down Shirt
Brand: Topman BUY IT HERE
- The classic button down shirt is crucial for every man's wardrobe. It is very versatile and can easily be dressed up or down: Pair it with trousers to show formality or use it casually with jeans.
Having one in a solid color or even in a checkered print can answer your dressing problems on various settings such as churches and semi formal gatherings.

2. Slim Fit Jeans
Brand: Levi's
- The perfect slim fit jeans (preferably dark washed) can take you anywhere!
With it hugging your legs and defining your masculine shape, the ladies will surely go wild. The fashion critics could never complain too, for these are staples and could never go out of Fashion.

3. Plain Tee's
Brand: Topman
Plain tee's are obviously included in my list! 
They are the perfect foundation for layering clothes.
Wear it with a blazer or cardigan for a smart yet laidback vibe or just wear it alone with jeans. 
Having lots of these in various colors could also work up in your advantage by increasing your choices but I suggest going for black, gray or white.

4. Sweatshirts
For me, sweatshirts aren't just a trendy thing; they are also staples!
This is because they can serve you well in layering. Put it over a button down shirt or under a chunky jacket and you'll look fine!
Sweatshirts with loud prints and texts are currently on trend these days, but for wardrobe starters I suggest avoiding loud prints and going for solid monochromatic colors instead.

5. Desert Boots
Brand: Clark's BUY IT HERE
- Desert boots are the perfect shoes for starting fashiontistos. They could be worn in both formal and casual settings. Having a pair in brown, gray or black suede (or even leather!) would match everything in your wardrobe really well.

6. Classic Blazer
Brand: Topman BUY IT HERE
- Look dapper in a snap!
A blazer could make a man look handsome in various ways: you could wear it over a button down shirt for a classic get up or pair it with a plain tee for a professional yet effortless vibe.

7. Khaki Chinos
Chinos are the perfect balance of casual and formal.
Having one in khaki could make a man look classy yet free spirited at the same time.

8. Silver Watch
Brand: GUESS
- A man's ensemble isn't complete without a watch.
Aside from its time updating purpose, a watch could also make a man look classy and collected.
For starters, having one in silver is much more preferable.

9. Aviator Glasses
Brand: Ray-Ban
- There's just something in these glasses that makes a man look cool!
whether you are wearing them to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays or just to complete an outfit, the sure thing is that you're gonna look good! 

10. Man Purse
Brand: Giorgio Armani
- Women are no't the only ones who has the right to own a bag! Us men should also be able to carry our wallets, keys, phones efficiently and effectively with a bag too, and having one in a messenger or clutch type is the way to do it.
The good man purse will not only help you carry your stuffs but make you look mature, classy and professional as well.

And those are the 10 basic wardrobe essentials for men!
Wear them all together or pair one with a trendy piece and you'll surely look good :)


  1. cool, love the classic blazer here. xx

  2. I think you're right. You have chosen nine right things .... Clarks not.
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    Eni K.

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    1. Thanks, The clark's shoes is only a suggestion :) cuz for me, it's the perfect balance of both casual and formal

  3. im specially in love with Giorgio Armani 's brand ! !
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  4. Nice basics for wardobre !!