Sunday, 10 February 2013


Welcome to another outfit post, and for this i'm going to share w/ you my look last Thursday; February 7, 2013.

First lemme tell you a bit about my academic schedule: Every Thursdays I stay at school from 8am to 6pm to attend 3 classes that are distributed in different campuses and require me to walk under the heat of the sun 3 freaking times. So it is understandable that every Thursdays, I choose to wear clothes that are comfortable yet stylish (of course) at the same time. And lat Thursday, I came up with this:

(sweater - Obey, Pants - Harman jeans, Boots - Forever 21, shades - Rayban)

My favorite piece from this outfit of mine is the sweater, because it is dope and extremely comfortable. And even though I live in a tropical country, I still wear these type of clothes, cuz they protect my skin from UV rays while walking on the streets especially when I forgot to put on sunscreen :D 

And here are some more feelingero model poses from me: 

 (Kpop vibe)

That's it,
thanks for reading :)

ps. I just had my birthday last Friday, and will post about it soon :D 

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