Friday, 19 July 2013

Casual Prince

"Will you marry me, Cinderella?" - Prince Charming

One fact about me is that I always plan what I wear. 
No, I don't feel obligated or forced to do this; in fact I actually enjoy mix and matching clothes in my mind and figuring out the occasion where I can wear the planned outfit.

Last Thursday, I woke up feeling like a prince. It's prolly because of my new bed sheet and the breakfast that was served for me (mom's delish pancakes.)
 This affected my outfit-planning routine that I do everyday, thus making me come up with this outfit:

I wanted to look like a prince.
A prince who is confident, regal and free spirited at the same time,
so I decided to go for this button down that enhances the form of my body and has unique details which makes its design look original and thought through.

The design that i'm talking about are these synthetic leather pieces that're placed cleverly on specific parts of the shirt. I love the idea, for i'm a sucker for leather; and this shirt gives me a license to wear leather even on a sunny day.

But of course, since I'm only going to school. I don't wanna look like a literal prince and be too dressy;
so I matched my dressy shirt with my normal everyday jeans.
Like my shirt, I am also in love with these jeans for it hugs my body well while being comfortable.

For my shoes, I went for a casual one that has the same color of my pants.
This is a technique I use to make my legs look longer and myself look taller. :D

For my watch,
I also went for something casual, to dress down my dressy shirt.

Button down shirt from Muradito
Pants from Folded and Hung
Shoes from Penshoppe
Watch borrowed from my brother


  1. Thank you for visiting my page. :)
    Love the outfit. Muradito is just a cool store, love their clothes. :)

    Following you now, hope you'll follow back. :)

  2. Thanks, and yeah; Muradito is one of my fave stores :))
    Thanks for followin me, followed you back :))

  3. Where’s Muradito? Want to take that shirt of your back. haha.

    1. They have a branch in Market Market located in the Fashion Market area :) they also have many branches in divi :))

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