Monday, 8 July 2013


"Too bad that you couldn't see
See that man that boy could be"

Hey guys!
Notice anything different in my blog?
Yeap, I finally decided to add a blog title; and it's "I Preach Fashion."
It is kinda inspired from my dad who is a pastor, and since he's my role model and I love him so much; I decided to incorporate the word "Preacher" to my blog. :)

So anyway,
This is going to be another outfit post, 
hope you'll like it. :)))

Recently, me and my family visited my sister's house located in a village around Alabang area. 
And since i'm into blogging right now, it is understandable that one of the things I look forward to in our visit is taking outfit shots in the not-so-crowded village.
However, the calm and empty road of the village failed to capture my attention, but it is this abandoned renovated land located a few blocks away from my sister's that did just that.
It seems like dirt and chaos are close to my heart (haha, just kidding.)

I think that the reason why I chose to conduct the shoot here is because it matches my outfit.
Speaking of my outfit, it was inspired of the Skater culture.
I like how skaters symbolizes people with sense of adventure and free spirit.
So in order to achieve a skater look, I went for basic staples like a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers; but of course I have to add an element that'll make the outfit more ME so I added a biker jacket.

Shirt from Androgyne Manila
Jacket from Mogao
Shorts from Greenhills
Shoes from Converse

Overall, I think I achieved my Skater "peg" for I think the whole outfit looks young, comfortable and active.
How about you,
Did you like this look on me?
Thanks for reading :))


  1. you rock baby :D i love this outfit! i was wondering if you would like to follow me on gfc and bloglovin... i will surely follow you back! Let me know! :D

    fashion blog miriam stella

  2. i love everything...