Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mini Outfit Post: Against the Rain

Hi guys!
I would like to share with you the outfit that I wore to school last Wednesday:

If you're living in Manila, then you are probably aware that it rained non-stop last Wednesday;
but that didn't stop me from wearing something lightweight and summery.
Why oh why? well it's simply because I wanted to feel the coldness in the climate as brought by the rainy season. 
And since it's seldom for our country to get chilly, I decided to embrace it. :)

If it gets too cold, my Denim button down got my back ;)

White long sleeved top - Maldita Man
Denim button down - Muradito
Shorts - Ralph Lauren
Shoes - Sebago
Watch - Casio
Accessories - from various stores

Thanks for reading :D
p.s. Sorry for the low quality pics! I only used my phone for this one, for I left my camera at home.