Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Take Me to Disneyland

"It'll do magic believe it or not

I am a HUGE fan of Disney. 
Why? for it basically is my entire childhood! 
I watched almost all the classical Disney cartoons back when I was a kid, and I still enjoy re watching them now. 
Actually, one of my biggest dreams is to be able to go to any Disneyland park and revive the once cute and charming child that I was before. Okay, scratch that i'm still cute and charming till now. Haha!

Anyway, this love that I have for Disney inspired me to dress up in an old school yet fun type of outfit last Tuesday.
(Top from Maldita Man, Cardigan used as scarf from H&M)

For a lot of people, Disney is fun and colorful; but for me it is also classy.
I was able to mix these perceptions by pairing my colorful cardigan and using it as a scarf for my basics.
All in all, I was able to create a spoiled-rich kid vibe look.

(Shorts from Local Celebrity, Belt from Folded and Hung)
Things get interesting when you look a bit closer to my shorts. You'll notice that they're not just your ordinary khaki shorts, but there are some Mickey heads printed all over it.
I find this really really cool, and spot on for this Disney-themed outfit post. :)

(Shoes from Sebago)
And for my footwear, I decided to go for the Boat shoes. I just think that it'll compliment the whole look especially the striped cardigan that I have on my neck. 

(Watch from Casio)
And of course, I can't go wrong in wearing a gold watch to finish off this classy look.

I will never get tired of loving Disney, in fact i'm planning to express more of my love for it on the upcoming posts.
Watch out for those soon :)
Thanks for reading, Fan and hype my looks on lookbook!

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