Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Young and Wild and Free

As early as now, I'd like to say that this outfit post doesn't promote or advocate anything about drugs.
I am a Fashion blogger, and being one doesn't only allow me to express myself but also gives me a license to explore new things and pretend to be someone else.
Long story short, this post is going to feature me doing a bad-boy peg.
 "That's how its supposed to be
living young and wild and free"

Being a modern day teenager, the internet and media really do affect the way I live.
In every art form, whether it be in TV or radio, being liberated and living the "life" is always the main topic.
And since I easily get inspired to dress up by anything, this recurring topic is what made me pursue a bad boy outfit peg last Tuesday.

Obviously, the main element in this outfit is my shirt.
It has the pattern of marijuana leaves that're originally used for medicinal purposes but are now usually associated with illegal drug consumption and behavior.

(That's a freaking lollipop. I don't smoke)
But despite of this plant being a bad symbol, I can't help but admire how the pattern/print looks like in this shirt.
It gives me a summery vibe that is really appropriate for that day for the sun is shining so harshly.

(Silly Raf is silly)
To match my shirt, I decided to go for my favorite army green cargo pants.
This is because the color of this pants really matches the printed pattern on my shirt. :)

For my footwear,
I decided to go for something comfortable and athletic, yet stylish at the same time.

For my accessories that day, I chose to wear this watch that is given to me by my brother.
I love how it's completely black. It gives it a mysterious and interesting vibe as if it's not really a watch.
Cool thing here is that in order to see the time, you have to press a button and it'll flash up.

To top of the look, I wore this green snapback with the logo of The Hundreds on it.

And that's all :)
Once again, i'm not promoting the use of prohibited drugs, I'm just being fashionable ;)

Oh and btw, these are the girls who took my photos for this shoot:

I just have to send the love <3

Top from Muradito
Pants from Mogao
Watch - Gift
Cap - Borrowed from my bro
Shoes(AIR Prestige II) from Nike

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  1. cool shirt...I agree that you're really not promoting drugs.We're just playing different kinds of style for as long as we're aware of what's right...

    1. Thank you :) That's exactly what I want to say :))

  2. I have a ring with marijuana leaves as well. Fashion is supposed to be fun anyway! Just have fun with it and wear whatever print you want to wear. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. That ring must be awesome! And yeah, I completely agree with you :))