Saturday, 2 November 2013

Good Sport

Like most people, I'm fond of exploring new things; and this is also applicable when i'm dressing myself up. I just love composing outfits with certain characters in mind resulting into a completely new look that I actually find likable, and the outfit that I wore one school day is not an exception of my exploration hobby. 

As you can see, this outfit is super sporty. 
This is because I have a Varsity/Baseball tee on together with some Nike Jordans.
But the thing that I love the most in this outfit are the bright and bold colors that're featured in it. 

To emphasize the presence of the bold colors, I topped off my outfit with this quirky and equally colorful comic-strip inspired cap. :)

J's on my feet! :D

- That's about it :) oh and shoutout to my girls who went crazy with me for this shoot:

Shirt from Androgyne Manila
Pants from Guess
Shoes from Nike
Shades from Rayban
Watch from Casio

Hype this look on lookbook here:


  1. Nice outfit super sport !!!!!!!


  2. great post. would you like to follow eachother?

  3. great outfit! and i swear u have the best cap collection.

  4. Your style is so dope! Love this pictures man
    You have an unique blog, I will keep my eyes on you :)