Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Styling Dungaree: Grungy vs Swaggie

A Dungaree is a type of garment which features trousers and includes a bib that is held up by straps over the shoulders. It is usually made from thick fabrics such as denim. In the Philippines it is commonly referred to as  a 'Jumper.'

Based on my previous posts, you could say that I am very adventurous when it comes to dressing up. 
I just love trying out new things, or spicing up an old manner of wearing clothes and making it fresher and more original to the eye; an example of the latter is what this post can be categorized as.

Wearing dungarees are most popular in the mid-1900's, and since I believe that fashion trends come and go; I thought why not wear one today? 
Doing just that, I was able to create two very different looks featuring one kickass dungaree that I got online.

Here's the first look:

- For the first look, I decided to go grungy(surprise, surprise!)
Dungarees are always affiliated with grunge because of its effortless yet stylish feel. 
Aside from dungarees, plaid and creepers are also staples for the grunge culture; thus making me incorporate all these for the first look.
Dungaree from Jhajing
Shoes from People are People

For the second look, I decided to go for something urban. This is because I've been obsessing over hip hop lately, so without further a do here's my second take:

Don't I look so Swaggie!? LOL
anyway, this look gave me a confidence boost for it matches the songs that i'm recently listening to. 
Heck, i'm even rapping from time to time while posing this shoot LOL!
Dungaree from Jhajing
Snapback from Androgyne Manila
Shoes from Nike

And that's it!
2 very different looks using 1 dungaree.
I honestly can't decide which one looks better, could you help me by commenting on this post?


  1. Am definitely into the hip-hop swag look.

  2. Nice Shoes

  3. thanks so much for the comment :))
    love both looks but the swaggy one is slightly nicer to me !

  4. nice look... dope dope... love everything.. am following you, on gf, lookbook, twitter and facebook. please do visit my blog and follow back

  5. Awesome pics & Stunning Look
    What's your camera ?

  6. Thanks for your comment. Let me know if you want to follow each other.